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There is a historical Greek community in Moldova of about 3,000 members. [1] Thirty Greek companies are active in Moldova. Total invested Greek capital amounts to $5.3 million (October 2003). [1] Recently the headquarters of the Greek revolutionary organization Filiki Etaireia were discovered in Moldova. [2]


The Greek presence in what is now Moldova dates back as far as the apoikiai (colonies) and emporia (trade stations) founded in and around Dobruja (see Colonies in antiquity and Pontic Greeks), beginning in the 7th century BC. Starting with the Milesian colony at Istros, the process reached its height after Tomis was founded in the 5th century BC. Although forever subject to the Dacian interference and easily disrupted by changes in the politics of neighbour tribal chieftains, the colonies prospered until being briefly submitted in various forms by King Burebista (late 1st century BC). Immediately after, and for the following centuries, they were stripped of their privileges by their new Roman masters, and followed the Empire into its crises.

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