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Greeley Bar and Grill was a Manhattan (New York) eating establishment located at 488 Sixth Avenue. Its ownership rented a store for 10 years in October 1926. The rental price for the term was $65,000.[1] In February 1927, the business went into receivership, with Paul Agajan named as owner of the eatery. Assets totaled $3,038 against liabilities of $8,286. Schaefer Brewery, Esther Cleveland,[2] and Anthony Ferris[3] were listed as primary creditors. Amounts owed them by Greeley Bar and Grill amounted to $2,200, $2,000, and $100[3] respectively. The bar is important as a pre-Great Depression business that failed to endure in New York City.[citation needed] The deli opened in a prime location during the prosperous late 1920s.[2]

The building was replaced by the Lawrence House co-op residences at 79 West 12th Street around 1960. 6th Avenue News and Tobacco is currently at 488 6th Avenue. Just north of Lawrence House on 6th Avenue and 13th Street are mid-1800's masonry structures of a similar style to the building that once housed the Greeley Bar & Grill.


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