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Green Acres is an unincorporated community in New Castle County, Delaware, United States.[1] It is located just north of the city of Wilmington, a few miles from the northern state border with Pennsylvania. I-95 runs along its southeast border. The neighborhood of Carrcroft borders the western side, the two separated by a creek and with no roads passing between them. The neighborhood of Windybush is directly across from Green Acres on the other side of Silverside Rd. Green Acres has two entrances, both of which connect to Silverside Road, which runs along the northeast border of the community.

Green Acres was established in 1955 by Franklin Builders on land previously owned by Patricia Monagham.[2] Green Acres was designed for middle-class families. Its homes were built among tall trees, rather than completely cleared land as was common at the time. Shaded sidewalks were built along each street to provide a safe area for children and strollers. The neighborhood took four years to complete, totaling 376 homes.[2]

The community contains a privately owned a swimming facility which now has one wading pool, two full-sized pools, shuffleboard and basketball courts. The Green Acres Recreation Association administers the pool. The neighborhood also has a security patrol, garden club, community newspaper, and a baby-sitting co-op.[2]

The Green Acres Civic Association oversees most community events. The current President of the Association is Jim Egnor.

Community streets are laid out in alphabetical order and are all named after American colleges: Athens, Bucknell, Carson, Drake, Emery, Fresno, and Grinnell roads run parallel to Silverside Rd. Grinnell Rd. is the only road that curves and also run along the other direction as well. Newcomb, Oberlin, Quincy, Radford, Stanford, and Tulane roads all run perpendicular to Silverside Rd.

For anyone who has lived in Green Acres, there is a Facebook page called "I grew up in Green Acres" dedicated to current and former residents.

Famous Residents[edit]

J. Caleb Boggs, US Senator from 1961-1973.

Erik Kissa, Scientist and Author.

Lynn Troy Maniscalco, Photographer.


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Coordinates: 39°47′25″N 75°29′49″W / 39.79028°N 75.49694°W / 39.79028; -75.49694