Alliance of Greens and Social Democrats

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Alliance of Greens – The People's Party
Leader Gleb Fetisov
Oleg Mitvol
Gennady Gudkov
Founded 2012
Headquarters Moscow
Ideology Grassroots democracy
Green politics
International affiliation None
State Duma
0 / 450
Seats in the Regional Parliaments
1 / 3,787

The Alliance of Greens – The People's Party (Russian: Альянс зелёных — Народная партия) is a Russian political party based on Oleg Mitvol's Green Alternative movement (founded in 2009) and founded in 2012 as a party. The party is headed by Russian billionaire Gleb Fetisov and Oleg Mitvol.

On 25 January 2014, the Gleb Fetisov-led Alliance of Greens — People’s Party united at their 3rd congress with four almost unknown parties of Gennady Gudkov’s Social Democrats of Russia, Freedom and Justice, Kolokol (“bell”) and the Party of Free Citizens. Gennady Gudkov and Gleb Fetisov became co-chairmen of the Alliance of Greens and Social Democrats. Oleg Mitvol became the chairman of the alliance’s central council.[1] Gleb Fetisov, Dmitry Gudkov, Ilya Ponomarev, Elena Lukyanova, Dmitry Nekrasov and others became the members of the party's council.[2]


According to their website, they believe in:[3]


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