Green Antivirus 2009

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Green Antivirus 2009 is a rogue anti-spyware program which uses scare tactics to intimidate the user into purchasing a full version. Green Antivirus 2009 claims that $2 (US) of its purchase price is donated for environmental protection of the green forests in Amazonia; this is another method to make the program appear legitimate.[1]


Green AV is another variant of Green Antivirus 2009.

Another clone to Green Antivirus is Blue Antivirus.

Methods of infection[edit]

Infection with Green Antivirus 2009 occurs when the user downloads a Trojan Horse or visits a malicious website that promotes this spyware. These malicious websites illegally use Microsoft Windows logos to make the site look authentic and safe. Once installed, Green Antivirus 2009 begins alerting the user that their computer is infected with viruses and spyware.