Green Bridge (New Orleans)

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Green Bridge
Coordinates 30°00′18″N 89°56′20″W / 30.005°N 89.939°W / 30.005; -89.939Coordinates: 30°00′18″N 89°56′20″W / 30.005°N 89.939°W / 30.005; -89.939
Carries4 lanes of LA 47
CrossesMississippi River Gulf Outlet
LocaleNew Orleans, Louisiana
Other name(s)Paris Road Bridge
Maintained byLouisiana Department of Transportation and Development
DesignSteel through arch
Materialconcrete, steel
Total length6,642 feet (2,024 m)
Longest span702 feet (214 m)
No. of spans3
Piers in water2
Clearance below135 feet (41 m)
DesignerUnited States Army Corps of Engineers
Constructed byFoster and Creighton Company
Construction startJune 1964
Construction cost$12,250,000
OpenedJuly 21, 1967 (1967-07-21)
ReplacesParis Road pontoon bridge

The Green Bridge is the unofficial local name of the Paris Road Bridge carrying Louisiana Highway 47 across the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet between St. Bernard Parish and New Orleans, Louisiana. It is sometimes also called Paris Road Bridge. The name "the Green Bridge" came from it originally being painted green. About 1980 it was repainted brown, and more recently grey, but locals continued referring to it as "the green bridge".

Interstate 510 ends just to the north of the bridge. Both ends of the bridge are in Orleans Parish, Louisiana, but Chalmette, Louisiana is a short distance south of the bridge, which provides the most important road link for St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, and is one of only four routes into the parish, the others being Judge Perez Drive, the Chalmette Ferry, and the St. Bernard Highway.

Coordinates: 30°0′18.0″N 89°56′20.5″W / 30.005000°N 89.939028°W / 30.005000; -89.939028