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Green Corps Inc.
Formation 1992; 25 years ago (1992)[1]
Founders Leslie Samuelrich, Gina Cummings[2]
Type 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization[3]
Exec. Dir.
Joshua Buswell-Charkow[4]
Mission The Field School for Environmental Organizing

Green Corps is an environmental organization[6] in the United States[7] that trains recent college graduates[8] in a one-year post-graduate program[9] in grassroots community organizing. During the program, Green Corps organizers learn in the classroom and are deployed in the field to work on campaigns.[10]


Green Corps was founded in 1992 by Leslie Samuelrich and Gina Cummings[11] with the financial backing of U.S. Public Interest Research Group[12] in response to the momentum created by Earth Day 1990. Green Corps was created to channel young talent into environmental advocacy causes.[13]

Campaign history[edit]

Green Corps is hired by non-profits such as the Sierra Club to manage their campaigns in the field.[14] Campaigns Green Corps has worked on include:

  • Launching fossil fuel divestment campaigns on campuses.[15][16][17]
  • Launching a national campaign to label GMO foods.[18]
  • Leading the fights to shut coal plants on college campuses.[19]


Executive Directors[edit]

Executive Directors of Green Corps have included:

  • 1992-2008 Leslie Samuelrich
  • 2008-2012 Cindy Kang
  • 2012–present Joshua Buswell-Charkow

Board of Directors[edit]

The current Green Corps Board of Directors includes:[20]

  • Douglas H. Phelps, President and Executive Director, The Public Interest Network
  • Bob Bingaman, National Organizing Director, Sierra Club (Resigned from the Board in July 2016)
  • Cindy Kang, Executive Coaching Fellow, The Management Center
  • Andy MacDonald, National Campus Organizing Director, Student PIRGs
  • Leslie Samuelrich, President, Green Century Capital Management
  • Wendy Wendlandt, Political Director, The Public Interest Network
  • Matt Wilson, Executive Director, MASSCreative
  • Naomi Roth, Massachusetts Organizing Director, Families for Excellent Schools
  • Pete Maysmith, Executive Director, Conservation Colorado
  • Phil Radford, Former Executive Director, Greenpeace
  • Kirsten Collings, Deputy Director, Chesapeake Climate Action Network

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