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Green Energy UK
Utility company
Industry Sustainable energy
Founded 2001
Headquarters Ware, Hertfordshire
Key people
Doug Stewart, founder
Products Tap, Still, Sparkling and TIDE

Green Energy UK plc is an independent sustainable energy company which sells 100% Ofgem-certified green and renewable electricity, as well as gas, to homes, businesses and organisations in England, Wales and Scotland. Green Energy UK is the only energy supplier in the UK to offer 100% green gas. Based in Ware, Hertfordshire, Green Energy UK was founded in 2001 by chief executive officer Douglas Stewart.[1]


They are the first and only private company in the UK to give free shares to its customers.[2] As shareholders, their customers can make suggestions at any time to improve the business and help it grow, and they can attend its AGM and put questions to the board.

Green Energy UK's customer base has grown through customer recommendation, sponsorship and social-marketing activities.

Fuel mix[edit]

Green Energy UK was the first UK energy supplier to offer a choice of green-only tariffs. Their Sparkling tariff is made up of 100% renewable sources – solar, wind, hydro and biomass. Their Still and Tap tariffs are 100% combined heat and power (CHP) from accredited green generators. To make the option of choosing to 'go green' more enticing, the company's Sparkling tariff is price-matched to the regional suppliers.

Green Energy are also the pioneers of the zero-standing charge tariff, Tap.

Green Energy UK launched the UK's first time-of-use tariff, TIDE in January 2017 [3]

All their tariffs are 100% Climate Change Levy exempt.


Only a few of Green Energy UK's 650 generators were making electricity before Green Energy UK was set up. The company's generators are all approved by Ofgem and have a large range of sources including energy from waste, biomass, photovoltaic-solar, small-scale hydro, wind, CHP and anaerobic digestion.

The company only buys green-sourced electricity from within the UK and has no brown energy or nuclear in its business. Green Energy UK facilitates investment into renewable technologies by creating demand for this green electricity.


Green Energy UK was crowned 'Winner of Winners' in the Cisco Customer Kings competition, 2010.[4]


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