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Green Flash (2008), AKA Beach Kings (US title), is a comedy/drama film starring David Charvet, Torrey DeVitto and Kristin Cavallari. Other stars of the film include Bree Turner, Christine Adams, Wilson Cruz and Matt Prokop. The film was directed by Paul Nihipali Jr. Producers are Joseph Barmettler, Cameron Dieterich and Bob Smiland.


At age thirty, Cameron Day has given up his chances at pro-basketball fame and settled into an aimless life. The mental demands of being a professional athlete were just too much for Cameron to handle, and just as he was set to break big in the world of professional sports, the once-promising athlete mysteriously vanished for ten long years. A chance encounter with a beautiful woman lands him smack in the middle of Southern California's pro beach volleyball scene. Mia helps to enlighten Cameron by teaching him about the Green Flash: that fleeting moment when the sun falls over the horizon and all of nature become completely brilliant for a fraction of a second. A naturally talented true athlete, he seems destined for sports stardom once again until his old demons start creeping in, threatening his chances at success.


  • Cameron Day - Our once upon a time basketball star disappeared from the wide world of sports only to resurface on the shores of Southern California with the dream of winning volleyball’s most prestigious event: The Manhattan Open.
  • Mia - The brunette beach beauty with a passion for the arts and a distaste for anything, or anybody, sporty.
  • Lana - The ring leader of The Volley Dollies who has an eye for talented volleyball players and a need for them too.
  • Jeremy Madden - One of the top dogs on the AVP tour, Madden eventually partners with Cameron.
  • Kenny - The Marine Street Gang’s eternal good guy and consummate dreamer. Kenny teaches us all about the world of pro beach volleyball.


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