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Adaptations of Green Goblin in other media
Created by Stan Lee
Original source Comics published by Marvel Comics
First appearance The Amazing Spider-Man #14 (July 1964)
Films and television
Film(s) Spider-Man (2002)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Spider-Man (1967)
Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (1981)
Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994)
Spider-Man Unlimited (1999)
The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)

Ultimate Spider-Man (2012)
Video game(s) Spider-Man (1982)

The Green Goblin is a fictional Marvel Comics character that has appeared in a range of media, usually as Spider-Man's nemesis.


Spider-Man (1967)[edit]

The Green Goblin appears in the 1960s animated television series, voiced by Len Carlson. The character is depicted as a dimwitted, spoiled robber who is obsessed with magic and the supernatural - fields of expertise that the original iteration is never interested in, preferring to use technology to commit crimes.

A new weapon Green Goblin uses is gremlin dust, which briefly blinds people. He appears in the episodes "The Witching Hour", "Magic Malice" and "To Catch a Spider". He first steals a magician's book of spells and tries using Jameson as a medium to summon demons of the Underworld. Spider-Man stops the summoning in a graveyard, the Green Goblin is webbed and jailed. Next, in a similar episode, he steals from Blackwell the Magician's House, and uses his magic powers to commit robberies. While he is in Blackwell's House again, Spider-Man stops him with Blackwell's help, and he is webbed up. In his last appearance the invisible scientist Dr. Noah Boddy breaks him out of jail along with Electro and the Vulture. He is the first of the group to encounter Spider-Man, using a special pumpkin bomb with a formula created by Dr. Noah Boddy to weaken Spider-Man's senses. He is defeated finally with the other villains when they have a showdown at midnight with Spider-Man when Spider-Man uses ventriloquism to make them fight each other. The Goblin knocks out Electro with a pumpkin bomb, then Spider-Man knocks him out by deflecting one of his own pumpkin bombs and webs him up to be jailed along with the other villains.

Spider-Man (1981)[edit]

The Green Goblin appears on the 1980s Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon show, voiced by Dennis Marks. This incarnation is depicted as something closer to the Lizard with a serious medical problem of physically and uncontrollably changing into the Green Goblin. The character has a niece named Mona Osborn (voiced by Sally Julian) that had no knowledge of her uncle's double identity. When she was held captive by the Green Goblin so he could discover the location of a formula, she stated that he looked familiar. Norman Osborn is cured by lightning and send back to Medical Institute.

The version that appears on the concurrent, solo Spider-Man series is closer to the comic book original, with Norman Osborn (voiced by English actor Neil Ross) suffering from amnesia and wearing a Goblin costume instead of physically transforming into the villain. He appears in the episode "Revenge of the Green Goblin". In the episode's continuity, Spider-Man first faced and defeated the Green Goblin three years earlier, during which the opponents were unmasked to each other. Having regained his memory during a train accident at the start of the episode, Osborn resumes his Goblin persona and equipment, and threatens to reveal Spider-Man's true identity to the world.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series[edit]

The Green Goblin in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Norman Osborn appeared in the 1990s Spider-Man: The Animated Series, with Neil Ross reprising as Norman while also playing the Green Goblin. This version is one of the most recurring villains of the series, along with the Kingpin. Unlike his comic counterpart, he is not an insane version of himself and has instead developed multiple personality disorder. But though ruthless businessman, he gets caught up in the Kingpin's affairs. This incarnation is also a responsible father and inventor, caring deeply for Harry Osborn and told him nothing about his criminal dealings. His Green Goblin personality (which came after the Hobgoblin persona) acts on destroying everyone who has hurt his original persona throughout his life.

For the first two seasons of the show, Norman appeared as a corrupt industrialist, pressured into supplying the Kingpin with weapons and chemicals against his will. In the episode "Enter the Green Goblin", Osborn is exposed to a toxic gas that greatly increases his physical strength but also drives him insane and awakens the evil inside that is the Green Goblin. The gas also somehow alters the Hobgoblin's equipment into green-color equipment which Norman dons the altered OsCorp equipment. While it is assumed Osborn has been killed in the accident, the Green Goblin then kidnaps various OsCorp stockholders (like the Kingpin and J. Jonah Jameson) that had tormented Norman. The Goblin captures Mary Jane Watson when he finds MJ in the remains of the building and takes MJ to an underwater base. He gives a mock trial of the stockholders. After a fight with Spider-Man, Osborn lost his memory. He then says OsCorp will stop making chemical weapons. In the episode "Goblin War!", Osborn, once again tormented by the Kingpin, sees the Green Goblin in all reflections and becomes him again, defeating the "imposter" Hobgoblin and stealing the Time Dilation Accelerator, a machine capable of generating portals. In the episode "Turning Point", the Goblin finds out Spider-Man's secret identity, kidnaps Mary Jane, and fights Spider-Man atop the George Washington Bridge. In the end, the Goblin gets stuck in another dimension, after his glider pushes him through a portal and Mary Jane also falls through a portal. In the episode "The Return of the Green Goblin", the Goblin appears in Harry's nightmares, luring his son into being the second Green Goblin. Among the promises to kill Spider-Man, he promised the boy to reveal what happened to his father. He finally reveals this, but Harry is placed in a mental hospital. In the episode "The Wedding", the Goblin appears again to convince Harry to break out and be his successor again when he hears that Peter Parker and MJ are going to get married. But Liz Allan convinces Harry who his real friends are. With his connection to Harry broken, Osborn remains trapped in limbo.

In the series finale "I Really, Really Hate Clones", alternate reality versions of the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin make an appearance where they are working for Spider-Carnage and a Kingpin of an alternate reality.

Spider-Man Unlimited[edit]

A Counter Earth version of the Green Goblin appears in the Spider-Man Unlimited animated series, voiced by Rino Romano. This version is portrayed as a hero, mistaking Spider-Man for an enemy during their first encounter. Instead of a glider, he wields a backpack that sprouts wings. In his first appearance, he saves Naoko Yamada-Jones and Shayne Yamada-Jones from one of Venom's and Carnage's plans with Spider-Man's help. After the Goblin lets Naoko and Shayne go, he whispers to himself about calling Naoko his love. The next episode that Naoko has a jealous ex-husband who works for the rebellion against the High Evolutionary. Naoko's ex-husband, standing in the shadows by the episode's end, reveals that he's jealous, suspecting that Naoko and Peter Parker are having an affair. He punches a wall that bricks fall down thus confirming the Goblin is indeed Naoko's ex-husband. The Green Goblin's next appears when he finds out that both Spider-Man and Peter are the same person. He also learns that Spider-Man is from the original Earth, and the hero's intentions on Counter-Earth are to rescue John Jameson. Since Jameson, working with the rebels against the High Evolutionary, doesn't agree to come and lets Spider-Man go off on his own, the Goblin decides to help by getting a ship the High Evolutionary has, which was originally Spider-Man's. Spider-Man and the Goblin team up with the Rejects, a group of Beastials that the High Evolutionary got rid of since they proved useless, and they get to Solaris II, the ship Spider-Man once had. Spider-Man has more heart and has Solaris II crash into one of the High Evolutionary's towers, which presumably kills the Goblin in the explosion. But by the series finale, it is revealed he survived the explosion and joined the Rejects. He leaves them to help Spider-Man and the rebels fight against the High Evolutionary. By the end of the episode, he is one of the characters who ran off when thousands of symbiotes spring to Counter-Earth according to Venom's and Carnage's plans.

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series[edit]

In Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, a continuation of Spider-Man, Norman Osborn is alluded too multiple times, though dead. In "Law Of the Jungle" mentions the super serum that made Norman become the Green Goblin, and Norman appears in a picture and Harry's hallucination in the episode.

The Spectacular Spider-Man[edit]

The Green Goblin in The Spectacular Spider-Man

The Green Goblin appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, with Norman Osborn voiced by Alan Rachins and the Green Goblin voiced by Steven Blum. Throughout the series, Norman is a ruthless businessman, inventor, gifted chemist, founder and CEO of OsCorp, and Harry Osborn's father.

In season one, Norman coldly disapproves and neglects Harry for not getting offered ESU lab's internship that's given to Peter Parker and lashes out at his son in fury, telling his son to 'man up'. Around this time, Norman also made "Gobulin Green", a highly addictive performance enhancer. Bent on getting more power and money, Norman embezzled aerodynamics engineer Adrian Toomes's flight tech designs, tipped off Tombstone (aka the Big Man crime boss) to TRI-CORP's technology shipment, and engineers the creations of the Sandman and the Rhino as part of the Big Man's deal which makes Osborn more profit. The Green Goblin first appears threatening to overthrow the Big Man in order to be New York's reigning crime boss and tries to kill Spider-Man. Spider-Man initially suspects Norman is the Goblin as the villain returns to the Osborn residence, but Harry is seen in the Goblin suit after a fierce confrontation. Spider-Man and Norman conclude that Harry's theft and consumption of "Gobulin Green" resulted in the Goblin persona to fight the Big Man. After Spider-Man agrees to keep Harry's secret on the condition that the villain never reappears, Norman embarks on a tour to Europe with Harry so his son can relax and forget about the addiction to the formula.

In season two, the Green Goblin later resurfaces as a crime lord and is responsible for many events that have occurred. He manipulates Hammerhead into arranging a conference between Tombstone, Silvio Manfredi and Doctor Octopus, resulting in Spider-Man eventually taking down all three crime lords. Now the reigning crime boss in New York, the Goblin once again tries to kill Spider-Man, first through the creation of Molten Man, and then by trapping Spider-Man in a prison intended for most of Spider-Man's many enemies. In the series finale, the Goblin has a final showdown with Spider-Man. The truth of the villain's identity is finally revealed: Norman was the man in question all along and even framed his own son earlier for personal gain but claimed that he was helping. Norman later hired the Chameleon to keep Spider-Man guessing and set up for a trap. Following a grueling battle across the city, Norman is believed to have been killed when Spider-Man damages his glider and sends him crashing into a stash of his own pumpkin bombs. However, Norman is shown to have survived, leaving the country under a false identity.

Ultimate Spider-Man[edit]

Norman Osborn appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series, voiced by Steven Weber.[1] This version is a corrupt industrialist fascinated with Spider-Man and has a strained relationship with Harry Osborn. This version of Green Goblin is amalgam of the Ultimate Marvel iteration's green-skinned monster and the original incarnation's glider and pumpkin bombs.

In season one, Norman's master plan is to obtain Spider-Man's DNA to create a mass-produced army of Spider-Soldiers throughout the world but is unaware that started when Peter Parker was bitten by a genetically modified Oscorp spider. Doctor Octopus's genetic guesswork for Osborn results in a living armor that always needs a host. After discovering Harry's connection to the symbiote, Norman gets intrigued by his son's new abilities as Venom. Norman appears in the two-part season finale ("Revealed" and "Rise of the Goblin"). Osborn conducts a plan to lure Spider-Man to Oscorp. As he reveals his master plans to Spider-Man, Doc Ock betrays Norman by injecting him with a serum mixed with both Spider-Man's and Venom's DNA, resulting in Norman's transformation into a large, green-skinned, goblin-esque monster. At first, he is only a savage beast, intent on destroying everything in his path, including Doc Ock and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Trainees, but the Green Goblin gradually begins to regain intelligence. The smart yet psychopathic Goblin rampages through the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, obtaining his gilder and electric gauntlets from stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. technology and causing both Harry's retransformation into Venom and a fatal injury towards Curt Connors's arm. However, Spider-Man foils the Goblin's attempts to take his son, making the mutated villain leave with the symbiote on his glider.

In the second season, the Green Goblin now sports a different gilder and more powerful gauntlets while initially trying to find a host for the Venom symbiote. The first attempt involved making a better son. After a fight with Spider-Man, he captures and injects Peter with a symbiote sample, hoping Peter will be a perfect son. But unaware that Peter is Spider-Man, the sample becomes imperfect and transforms into Carnage. Ordering Carnage to bring Spider-Man, the Goblin is later surprised when Venom arrives instead, resulting in a losing battle with Spider-Man and Venom until Harry rejects the symbiote's control. The second attempt involves an attack on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tri-Carrier. Allowing himself to be defeated/arrested, the Goblin releases the symbiote, turning Nick Fury's agents into Venom soldiers. To battle Spider-Man, the Goblin bonds with some of the organism, transforming into Venom to battle Spider-Man. While Doc Ock's antidote cures the Venom-infected agents, the main host separates from the symbiote and turns back to normal. Osborn now tries to make amends as the "Iron Patriot", helping Spider-Man battle the Frightful Four and later Doc Ock's Spider-Soldiers. Osborn appears in the two-part season finale ("Return of the Sinister Six" and "Ultimate"). Iron Patriot aggressively assists Spider-Man and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Trainees to stop the armored Sinister Six's prison break. With one facing off with another, Iron Patriot battles Doctor Octopus's aggravating attempts. As Spider-Man cures the Lizard, Iron Patriot is defeated by the Sinister Six's group assault and then injected with Doc Ock's Goblin serum. Now transformed once again, he incapacitates Doc Ock and retreats with extra Goblin serum samples and Spider-Man's team. To combat Spider-Man, the armored Green Goblin uses Goblin-like versions of Power Man, Nova, Iron Fist and White Tiger. He also reactivates the original S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, planning to unleash the Goblin serum across the world to create a Goblin army to serve him. However, the Goblin is defeated by Spider-Man and the cured team and imprisoned in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tri-Carrier.

The Green Goblin returns in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors. With help from Taskmaster's team, he is freed from his prison unintentionally by Agent Venom and Iron Spider. While Taskmaster and several Sinister Six members cause chaos, the Goblin steals the Siege Perilous from S.H.I.E.L.D. and escapes through a portal. In the four-part "Spider-Verse" episodes, the Goblin imprisons Electro in the Siege Perilous as a living power source so he can travel the Marvel Multiverse to acquire DNA samples from alternate reality versions of Spider-Man for a 'very special purpose'. With Spider-Man pursuing him, he first arrives to Marvel 2099 to get a blood sample from a futuristic successor to Spider-Man, then a gender-swapped universe where he enlists his female counterpart Norma Osborn (voiced by Wendie Malick) [based on the original Green Goblin incarnation] to help with Spider-Girl in return for a vial of his Goblin serum for her own use. The Goblin then gets a blood sample from Spider-Man Noir, a chin-hair from Spider-Ham, and another blood sample from Spyder-Knight. The Goblin arrives to another alternate universe to get the blood of the Ultimate Spider-Man while finding himself attacked by a winged, demonic Green Goblin. During all this, he finally figures out his nemesis's identity via that world's Peter Parker's gravestone. He then pools all of the alternate Spider-Men DNA into a serum to gain spider-like abilities, engaging in a winning fight with Spider-Man while bragging about knowing the web-slinger's secret identity. The Goblin joyfully threatens Peter's loved ones, however, Spider-Man tries to deter Osborn from his own son's harm, but the Goblin no longer sees himself as Norman, angrily stating that love is a weakness and that he 'loves no one'. Just then, the serum further mutates him, transforming into the Spider-Goblin. The even more deranged Spider-Goblin battles the Web-Warriors until Spider-Man manages to turns him back to his human form again with Electro's help. Norman is later seen in a retirement home after he lost his memories as Goblin (and Spider-Man's identity), happily greeting Peter and Harry as the two youths come to visit him. The Green Goblin also appears in the episode "A Nightmare on Christmas". In an alternate reality that Peter gave up being Spider-Man to be rich, the Goblin now rules New York with his own army of Spider-Soldiers as personal enforcers. At the bigger and threatening Oscorp tower, Spider-Man encounters a horned, suited version that now calls himself the Goblin King. Having defeated and killed most of the Earth's heroes, he has the Avengers' equipment as trophies (i.e. Iron Man's armor, Black Widow's gauntlets, Captain America's shield, Falcon's wings, and even Thor's Mjolnir). After an intense battle, Spider-Man defeats the Goblin King before learning this reality is actually Nightmare's illusion. In the four-part "Contests of Champions" season finale, Norman can be occasionally seen as one of the people held hostage as Spider-Man's motivation for the 'game' between the Collector and the Grandmaster.

Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister Six shows Norman Osborn as an anti-hero while the alternate Green Goblin takes his counterpart's place as a supervillain. During Doc Ock's takeover with Goblin Soldiers, Norman reveals he has inoculated himself with an anti-Goblin serum as a promise to Harry, revealing this when Doc Ock wanted to recruit his Goblin alter-ego. Norman then provides a mass-produced version of the anti-Goblin serum for Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider. The alternate Goblin is subsequently summoned when Baron Mordo uses the Siege Perilous. During a fight with Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Kid Arachnid, the Goblin uses the Siege Perilous' destructive capabilities but is stopped when Kid Arachnid's spider-sting destroys the Siege Perilous, stranding the two nemeses in the original universe. With no other options, the Goblin accepts Doctor Octopus' recruitment. Meanwhile, Iron Patriot deals with Doc Ock's assassination attempt with Vulture and further aggravating attempts with Anti-Venom to which Harry gets caught in the middle both times. The demonic Goblin is later seen as a member of the HYDRA-backed Sinister Six alongside Doc Ock, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, Electro and Hydro-Man. The Goblin has a showdown with Kid Arachnid and then Spider-Man before being defeated. In the series finale, Norman helps Peter regain Spider-Man's abilities, revealing he recovered his Goblin memories yet kept Peter's secret out of respect.

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers[edit]

The Green Goblin makes a cameo appearance in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers. In the first episode, he is shown as one of the many supervillains imprisoned by the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization. He is, however, later freed by Loki's subordinates and eventually battles his archenemy Spider-Man. He ignores Loki's plans, and fellow villain Cottonmouth's pleas for being webbed up by Spider-Man, for a chance to settle the score with his most hated foe. Spider-Man defeats the Goblin off-screen, and later uses one of his pumpkin bombs against Loki.


Sam Raimi series[edit]

Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn / Green Goblin for the film Spider-Man.

Willem Dafoe appears as Norman Osborn in the 2002 film Spider-Man (as the Green Goblin) and makes cameo appearances in subsequent films.

  • In the 2002 film, Norman Osborn is portrayed as a strong-minded yet troubled head of Oscorp who has a distant relationship with his son Harry Osborn and a deep respect and admiration for Peter Parker. He appears as the main antagonist of the film. Osborn is threatened that he will lose a military contract should a super soldier formula he is working on not receive proper human testing, which will bankrupt and possibly even destroy his company. Desperate, Osborn tests the formula on himself, which drives him insane and transforms him into the Green Goblin. The Goblin is depicted as a separate personality from Osborn, "speaking" to him through a mirror in his home and acting as a sort of unhinged, psychotic enforcer for Norman's desires and interests, claiming that Norman is too weak to achieve them himself. The "Goblin", using the glider and armor designed with the super-soldier serum, kills the military contractors who threatened to pull out of their deal with Oscorp, and then kills Norman's board of directors when they attempt to sell the company and force him to resign. After forming a begrudging respect for Spider-Man, the Goblin attempts to persuade Spider-Man into joining forces. However, Spider-Man denies this request, resulting in the Goblin vowing to kill him. After he discovers Spider-Man is actually Peter, the Goblin decides to "attack his heart", injuring May Parker and kidnapping Mary Jane Watson. During a final confrontation, the Goblin reveals his true identity, then in an attempt to kill Peter, accidentally impales himself with his own high-tech glider. Before dying, Norman tells Peter with his last breath: "Don't tell Harry," not wanting his son to realize the monster he had become. In grief and frustration, Harry later holds Spider-Man responsible for his father's death, not realizing Norman was the villain that had been terrorizing the city.
  • In Spider-Man 2, a vision of Norman Osborn appears after Harry Osborn's brief alliance with Doctor Octopus. Inside of a mirror, Norman demands that his son avenge his death. When Harry shatters the mirror, he discovers his father's hidden lair, making him realize that his father was the Green Goblin.
  • In Spider-Man 3, Harry Osborn has finally taken up the Green Goblin mantle like his father. When Harry suffers from amnesia and briefly forgets his vendetta, a new vision of Norman returns in a successful attempt to sway him back to destroying Spider-Man by one purpose: "Attack [Spider-Man's] heart." Harry later helps Spider-Man in the final battle against Venom and Sandman after his butler informs him the truth about Norman's death, but Harry ends up sacrificing himself to stop Venom from killing Peter, meeting the same fate as his father.

Marc Webb series[edit]

Harry Osborn / Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, played by Dane DeHaan.
  • Harry Osborn appears as the Green Goblin in 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, played by Dane DeHaan. After coming home from boarding school, Norman Osborn (played by Chris Cooper) informs Harry that he is dying from a fictitious condition known as retroviral hyperplasia and that since it is genetic, Harry learns he also has the disease, and he's now at the age when it first begins to develop. After Norman left behind all his research, Harry learned that Richard Parker and Norman were working on a cure using the genetically-altered spiders. Realizing that a cure exists in the form of Spider-Man's blood, Harry asks Peter for help to find Spider-Man. Spider-Man visits Harry and tells him that he is afraid that if he gives him a blood sample that it could either kill him or he could end up like Dr. Curt Connors. His assistant Felicia Hardy tells him that before the spiders were destroyed, the venom was extracted and was stored in the Special Projects division of Oscorp. Donald Menken frames Harry for Max Dillon's accident and the experiments performed on him at Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane, and Harry is kicked out of Oscorp. Harry goes to Electro and the two join forces to attack Oscorp. Electro helps Harry get into Special Projects, and Menken takes Harry to the spider venom. Menken injects the venom into Harry, but although it initially appears to have worked, it instead accelerates Harry's condition, mutating him into a goblin-like creature. He steals a prototype suit and a glider. After Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy defeat Electro at the Power Plant, the Green Goblin arrives and he learns Peter's identity when he sees Gwen at the scene. He swears vengeance against Peter saying that he takes away hope and that he is going to do the same to Peter. The Goblin then snatches up Gwen, takes Gwen atop of the power plant's clock tower and drops Gwen through the glass roof. Peter and the Goblin battle as Gwen watches on, though ultimately Gwen is killed when the gears of the clock tower fall apart. The Goblin is knocked unconscious and later imprisoned in Ravencroft, where he meets Gustav Fiers / The Gentleman and arranges for a team to be assembled to take down Spider-Man, starting with Aleksei Sytsevich / Rhino.

Marvel Cinematic Universe[edit]

  • The Oscorp building from The Amazing Spider-Man almost appeared in The Avengers. However, by the time the Oscorp building was fully designed for Spider-Man, the Avengers skyline was rendered, so because of the timing the idea was abandoned.[2]

Video games[edit]

Spider-Man games[edit]

  • The first video game appearance of the original iteration of Green Goblin is in the 1982 Atari 2600 Spider-Man game.
  • The Green Goblin is a boss in the Spider-Man arcade game. Though not the final boss, he is often acknowledged as being the hardest.[3]
  • The Green Goblin is also a boss in the 1995 video game adaptation of the Spider-Man Animated Series.
  • The Green Goblin appears as a boss in the Super Famicom game The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes.
  • The Green Goblin appears in the 2002 Spider-Man video game, voiced by Willem Dafoe. The Green Goblin's genesis in the game parallels that of the film, with Norman Osborn and his scientists attempting to capture Spider-Man in order to study his genetics to perfect their own contracted super soldier serum. After a number of failed attempts to capture Spider-Man using Oscorp robots, the Oscorp board terminates Norman. Enraged, he then subjects himself to the serum and becomes the Green Goblin, killing Mendel Stromm. In this guise, he offers Spider-Man a partnership but is refused. In the Xbox version of the game, he subsequently hires Kraven the Hunter to go after Spider-Man. Upon seeing a picture of Mary Jane Watson kissing Spider-Man, he abducts her as bait for a final battle with Spider-Man, ending with Norman impaled on his glider.
  • The Green Goblin briefly appears in the 2005 Ultimate Spider-Man video game voiced by Peter Lurie. He is held captive by S.H.I.E.L.D. since he is such a dangerous threat, but the Beetle has sneaked into the headquarters and frees the Green Goblin, having him go on a rampage throughout New York. Spider-Man confronts the Goblin after he escapes from the Latverian embassy, the two fighting throughout the city until the battle ends in a conference house where Spider-Man finally beats the Green Goblin to a pulp, knocking him unconscious. Shortly after the villain's defeat, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Sharon Carter arrive in the warehouse and take Norman Osborn back into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody without thanking Spider-Man, which upsets the hero.
  • The Green Goblin makes a major appearance in the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance exclusives of the 2006 game Spider-Man: Battle for New York. He is one of the two playable characters (the other being Spider-Man) and the game is a retelling of his origin.
    Green Goblin in Spider-Man: Friend or Foe.
  • The Green Goblin appears in the Nintendo DS version of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Black Cat informs Spider-Man that the Green Goblin is setting up bombs as part of a plot to defeat the symbiotes. In the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii versions, the first appearance of the glider-bound armored enemies called Tech Flyers has Spider-Man mercilessly mocking them for their lack of originality by saying things like, "You're not the Green Goblin or the Hobgoblin, you're just a lousy knock-off!", "You're more like a Goblinette!", and "Really! Green Goblin is soooo six years ago".
  • The Green Goblin appears in Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, voiced by Roger L. Jackson. Outside of the opening cinematics, he is among the supervillains brainwashed by Mysterio's Control Amulet. Spider-Man fights him on the helipad at Oscorp's Japanese branch. After being defeated, he joins Spider-Man on the quest to obtain the meteor shards, mainly to stay out of prison.
  • The Marvel Noir version of Norman Osborn appears in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, voiced by Jim Cummings. When he gets a piece of the Tablet of Order and Chaos, Osborn decides to see if it would enhance him like it did for Hammerhead and the Vulture, becoming monstrously powerful. After chasing him through his carnival hideout and defeating him, Spider-Man recovers the tablet from Osborn. During the credits, Osborn is shown working in the carnival.
  • The Green Goblin appears in the Spider-Man virtual pinball game for Pinball FX 2 released by Zen Studios.[4]
  • Several variations of the Green Goblin appear as bosses in the Spider-Man Unlimited video game, including the mainstream Green Goblin, the Gold Goblin, the House of M Goblin, the Grey Goblin and Menace. In the game, the other Goblin characters are alternative reality versions of the mainstream Green Goblin.
  • The Green Goblin appears in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes as a playable character.

Other Marvel games[edit]

  • The original iteration of Green Goblin appears as a playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, voiced by Armin Shimerman. His Thunderbolts design is his default costume and the Hobgoblin's Secret War design is an alternate costume.[5] He is among the supervillains controlled by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Control Nanites. During the fight at a chemical company, the Green Goblin, Bullseye, Lady Deathstrike and Venom end up going rogue when the Control Nanites take on a mind of themselves. The heroes fight him and Venom while Nick Fury disarms the bombs. The heroes fight the Goblin and Venom again in Wakanda. When they are defeated there, the Goblin and Venom are freed from the control and can be playable. In the PSP, Wii and PS2 versions, the Green Goblin fights the heroes in Prison 42 alongside the Scorpion.
  • Norman Osborn's Iron Patriot armor is an alternate costume for Iron Man in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. During a fight, Iron Man even alludes that "I can still smell Norman Osborn's hairgel.".
  • The original iteration of Green Goblin's design is also seen as one of Firebrand's alternate costumes in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.[6]
  • The character appears in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, with Green Goblin voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and Iron Patriot voiced by Tom Kenny. Green Goblin is a boss character and Iron Patriot is a playable villain character.
  • The original iteration of Green Goblin is available as downloadable content for the game LittleBigPlanet as part of "Marvel Costume Kit 4".[7]
  • The original iteration of Green Goblin is featured as a boss in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
  • The original iteration of Green Goblin appears as a villain and will be a playable character in Marvel Heroes.
  • The original iteration of Green Goblin appears in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, voiced by Nolan North (as the original version) and by John DiMaggio (as the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon iteration).
  • The Norman Osborn version of Iron Patriot appears in Marvel Contest of Champions.
  • The original iteration of Green Goblin appears in Disney Infinity 3.0, voiced by Nolan North.
  • The Norman Osborn iteration of Green Goblin is a playable character in Marvel: Future Fight as both his original version and as the Ultimate iteration.
  • The original iteration of Green Goblin is a villain in Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2.[8]
  • The Norman Osborn incarnation of the Green Goblin is a playable character in the match-three mobile game Marvel Puzzle Quest. He was added to the game in February 2016[9] and was the first villain to appear in the game's "five star" rarity category.
  • The Norman Osborn incarnation of the Green Goblin will be a playable character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.[10]

Theme parks[edit]

Live performances[edit]

  • The Green Goblin was one of the characters portrayed in the 1987 live adaptation of the Spider-Man and Mary Janes wedding performed at Shea Stadium.[11]
  • The Green Goblin appeared in the 2011 musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. This version of Norman Osborn has a wife named Emily who is alive instead of having died previously. During an attempt to test a mutagenic machine he becomes the insane Green Goblin while Emily is killed. He creates the Sinister Six out of former scientists who he believes used his technology to create Spider-Man. He is killed when he falls off a building.
  • The Green Goblin appears in the 2014 Marvel Universe: LIVE! stage show.[12]


Various Green Goblin figures from the Spider-Man: The Movie toyline.
  • The Green Goblin was released in 1994 as part of Series 3 of Toy Biz's Spider-Man: The Animated Series Line. An interesting note is that while the figure is based upon the character's animated counterpart, it features a glider molded after the one used by then current Green Goblin from the comics, Harry Osborn.
  • Toy Biz released a total of eight Green Goblin figures for their Spider-Man: The Movie toy-line. Including a highly detailed super poseable figure, which was sculpted by Gentle Giant, LTD.
  • The Green Goblin is the eighth figurine in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.
  • The Green Goblin has been featured twice as the Twelfth and Sixty-Sixth figure Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select line.


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