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The Green House

Green House is a block of ten tenement houses located in 1–11, Mallory Street and 6–12 Burrows Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. It is named from the green colour painted on the external walls of the building. It is one of the few remaining tong-lau of the balcony type in Hong Kong. Because of its historic significance, the houses are listed as Grade II historic buildings.[1]

Historic background[edit]

Green House, Hong Kong after its revitalization in July 2013.

The lot where the tenement house Is now standing was first owned by the American firm Messrs Burrows and Sons. It was later owned by Lawrence Mallory. A timber yard and boat building yard previously occupied the site; thereafter occupied by warehouses, timber and coal storage and several other small industries.[2]

Around 1905, Hong Kong Land Investment Company took possession and in the mid-1920s, the company developed 10 tenement houses.[2]

In 2013, Green House became the first pure preservation cum revitalization project of the Urban Renewal Authority and officially opened on 18 July 2013.[3] It is now operated as the Comix Base by the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Aedas as Design and Documentation Architect was awarded a Medal of the Year of Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects for its design of the preserved buildings.[4]

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