Green Islands (Papua New Guinea)

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Green Islands seen from space

The Green Islands are a small group of islands in Papua New Guinea. They are located at 4°30′S 154°10′E / 4.500°S 154.167°E / -4.500; 154.167Coordinates: 4°30′S 154°10′E / 4.500°S 154.167°E / -4.500; 154.167, about 200 km (124 mi) east of Rabaul on New Britain and about 200 km (124 mi) north-west of Bougainville. The Green Islands are administered as part of Bougainville Province (also known as North Solomons Province).

Nissan is the largest island of the group. Other islands include: Pinipel, Sau, Barahun and Sirot.

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