Green Lantern: Willworld

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Green Lantern: Willworld
Cover to Green Lantern: Will World. Art by Seth Fisher.
Date July 2001
Main characters Green Lantern
Page count 94 pages
Publisher DC Comics
Creative team
Writers J. M. DeMatteis
Artists Seth Fisher
Letterers Tom Orzechowski
Colourists Chris Chuckry
ISBN 1563897822

Green Lantern: Willworld is an original graphic novel written by J. M. DeMatteis and illustrated by Seth Fisher released by DC Comics in hardcover in July 2001.

Publication history[edit]

The artist Seth Fisher notes that

Fisher has also said "We wanted a book where I could squeeze my imagination for everything it was worth and 'Green Lantern' just seemed to have the most potential that way."[2]

Writer J. M. DeMatteis described the story as 'Green Lantern meets Little Nemo in Quantum Wonderland. A playful, surreal, quantum physics fairytale.' [3]

The book has released as a hardcover in July 2004 (ISBN 1563897822)[4] and softcover in January 2004 (ISBN ).[5]


This story tells how a young Hal Jordan mastered his power ring. The story is set on a world formed entirely by the imagination of other Green Lanterns.

Critical reception[edit]

Locus Magazine gave the book a positive review and noted that it was 'Stunning stuff, highly recommended' [6]


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