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Green Line
CTrain Route Map with GL Stage 1 (schematic).svg
Schematic Map of CTrain, including planned Green Line LRT
TypeLight rail
LocaleCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Termini160 Ave
Stations28 (14 in stage 1)
Planned opening2026[1]
OwnerCalgary Transit
Operator(s)Calgary Transit
Line length46 kilometres (29 mi)
(20 km in Stage One)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
ElectrificationOverhead lines, 600 V DC[2]
Operating speed80 kilometres per hour (50 mph)
Average 80 km/h
Map diagram
North Pointe
96 Avenue N
Beddington Trail NW
72 Avenue N
64 Avenue N
40 Avenue N
28 Avenue N
16 Avenue N
2 Avenue SW
7 Avenue S
Downtown Transit Mall
Centre Street South
1 Street Southwest/Centre Street
City Hall
4 Street SE
26 Street SE
South Hill
Quarry Park
Douglas Glen
McKenzie Towne
Auburn Bay/Mahogany

The Green Line is a planned light rail transit (LRT) line running between north-central and southeastern Calgary, Alberta, Canada. When built, it will be the third line in the CTrain network which will be known as Route 203, connecting with the existing Red Line and the Blue Line in Downtown Calgary. The Green Line will be the first LRT line in Calgary to operate low-floor trains.

When completed, the Green Line will comprise 28 stations and extend 46 km (29 mi). Stage 1, comprising the centre section of the line through downtown including the Centre City Tunnel and 14 stations, has been funded; construction of Stage 1 is anticipated to start in 2020 and complete in 2026. The scope and funding of future extensions to the north and southeast have not yet been determined.


In 2012, as the West LRT extension of the Blue Line was being completed, what would become the Green Line was proposed as two separate new lines: the Southeast LRT (from downtown to Seton, via Douglas Glen and the hospital), and the North Central LRT (from downtown to 150 Ave N).[3] Although the alignment of both legs was already largely established, the route of the North-Central leg south of Harvest Hills to downtown had not been finalized.[4]

This proposed route will cross the downtown core at right angles to the downtown transit mall. It would exceed the capacity of the downtown transit mall, requiring that it use a new right of way going over or under the existing transit mall. Elevated tracks would conflict with Calgary's downtown +15 system, which is the second most extensive pedestrian skywalk system in the world (after Minneapolis), so this option was not selected. The system will go underground, crossing underneath the future downtown subway, which already has a short section of tunnel built under 8th Avenue S and a ghost station under the Calgary Municipal Building.[5] The city council approved the final route and station locations in June 2017.[6][7]

Through 2016, $101 million had been spent on right-of-way acquisition and preliminary studies.[8] In May 2017, Mac Logan, Calgary's general manager of transportation, announced the Green Line would be built in stages due to the unexpectedly high costs of certain design choices.[9] Although the original estimate for the entire 28-station Green Line was $4.5 billion,[10] the cost of Stage 1 alone, including the $1.95 billion cost of the recommended Centre City Tunnel,[11] was estimated at $4.65 billion.[9] Funding has been secured for the first stage of construction of the Green Line from 16th Avenue North to the future Shepard Station at 126th Avenue SE via the downtown core. The $4.6 billion cost of Stage 1 will be shared in roughly equal portions between the federal government, provincial government, and the city of Calgary.[12] The federal government had pledged $1.53 billion in 2015;[13] the city council had previously voted in 2013 to begin setting aside $52 million in annual tax revenue for 30 years, starting in 2015, for the Green Line;[14] and the Alberta provincial government pledged the last third in July 2017.[15]

Stations and route[edit]

The Green Line LRT will have a total of 28 stations, and has a length of 46 kilometres (29 mi). As of April 2019, the planned Green Line corridors are served via two bus rapid transit lines: 301 (operating between North Pointe and downtown, primarily along Centre Street N)[16] and 302 (operating between Seton and downtown).[17]

Stage 1, to start construction in 2020 with an anticipated completion date in 2026, will extend from 16 Avenue N through downtown to 126 Avenue SE, including 14 stations.[18]

In 2019, several potential Stage 2 build-outs were being evaluated, depending on available funding. These were:[19]

  • CA$250–400 million:
    • South to McKenzie Towne
  • $400–700 million:
    • North to 40 Ave N or
    • South to Auburn Bay/Mahogany
  • $700 million – $1 billion:
    • North to 64 Ave N or
    • South to Seton or
    • North to 40 Ave N and south to Auburn Bay/Mahogany
Terminus (final build-out)
Terminus (Stage 1)

List of Green Line stations[edit]

Station Grade Opened Platform Type Parking Spaces[20] Approximate Location
160 Ave† At-grade TBD Centre None Centre St N near Livingston View NW
144 Ave N At-grade TBD Centre None Centre St N near Stoney Trail
North Pointe At-grade TBD Centre TBD on Harvest Hills Blvd near Panamount Blvd and Country Village Rd NW
96 Ave N At-grade TBD Side TBD on Harvest Hills Blvd
Beddington At-grade TBD Side TBD on Beddington Blvd
64 Ave N At-grade TBD Side None on Centre St N
McKnight Blvd At-grade TBD Side None on Centre St NE
40 Ave N At-grade TBD Side None on Centre St NE
28 Ave N At-grade TBD Side None on Centre St
16 Ave N‡ Underground 2026 Centre None in the community of Crescent Heights
2 Ave SW Underground 2026 Centre None on 2 St SW and 2 Ave SW, southwest underneath the Bow River and Prince's Island Park from 16 Ave N
7 Ave SW Underground 2026 Centre None on 2 St SW
Centre St S Underground 2026 Centre None east on 12 Ave SW from 7 Ave SW
4 St SE At-grade 2026 Side None close to the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks, near 11 Ave SE and Olympic Way SE
Inglewood/Ramsay At-grade 2026 Side None adjacent to the CPR tracks, near 12 St SE
26 Ave SE Elevated 2026 Side None near Blackfoot Trail SE
Highfield At-grade 2026 Side None near Highfield Blvd SE
Lynnwood/Millican At-grade 2026 Side TBD along Ogden Rd SE, across Deerfoot Trail (Alberta Highway 2) and across the Bow River from Highfield
Ogden At-grade 2026 Side None southeast of Lynnwood/Millican
South Hill At-grade 2026 Side None near Glenmore Trail (Alberta Highway 8)
Quarry Park At-grade 2026 Side None near Quarry Park Blvd, along 26 St SE
Douglas Glen At-grade 2026 Side TBD Adjacent to 114 Ave SE near Deerfoot Trail
Shepard‡ At-grade 2026 Side TBD near 126 Ave SE, southeast of Douglas Glen
Prestwick At-grade TBD Side TBD near New Brighton Dr SE, along 52 St SE
McKenzie Towne At-grade TBD Side TBD near McKenzie Towne Dr SE
Auburn Bay/Mahogany At-grade TBD Side TBD Along 52 St SE and across Stoney Trail SE near Auburn Meadows Ave SE
Hospital At-grade TBD Side None near Seton Park SE
Seton† At-grade TBD Centre TBD near Deerfoot Trail

Additional infrastructure[edit]

When completed, the Green Line will also feature 11 bridges, 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) of elevated track, 10 park and ride facilities (with 5,000 to 6,000 parking stalls), 10 tunnels (including the 4 km (2.5 mi)-long Centre City Tunnel from 19 Ave N to 4 St SE), and 2 LRV maintenance and storage facilities (at Shepard and 96 Ave N).[21]

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