Green Line (Lebanon)

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Green Line, Beirut 1982

The Green Line was a line of demarcation in Beirut, Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War from 1975 to 1990. It separated the mainly Muslim factions in West Beirut from the predominantly Christian East Beirut controlled by the Lebanese Front. The appellation refers to the coloration of the foliage that grew because the space was uninhabited. Many of the buildings along the Green Line were severely damaged or destroyed during the war. Since the end of hostilities, however, many of the buildings have been rebuilt within the framework of the urban renewal project of Solidere in Beirut Central District.


The Siege of West Beirut[edit]

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The Green Line was a vulnerable point for both West and East Beirut. During Israel's siege of West Beirut, Israel surrounded Western Beirut and stationed tanks along the Green Line.

Syrian withdrawal[edit]

After the Syrian military withdrew from East Beirut in August 1982, the Palestine Liberation Army was dispatched to the Green Line under the command of the Syrians. The residents on both sides of the line disapproved of the presence of the Palestine Liberation Army.

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