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Luas Green Line
Harcourt St.jpeg
Harcourt Street Luas stop.
Type Light rail
Status Operational
Locale Ireland
Termini Broombridge
Bride's Glen
Stations 24
Opened 30 June 2004
Owner Transport Infrastructure Ireland
Operator(s) Transdev
Character Primary
Depot(s) Broombridge
Line length 12-mile (19 km)
Number of tracks Double track
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification 750 V DC Overhead catenary
Route map

Broombridge Iarnród Éireann
Broadstone - DIT
Cathal Brugha Street
O'Connell Upper
O'Connell - GPO
River Liffey
O'Connell Bridge │ Rosie Hackett Bridge
St Stephen's Green
Windy Arbour
Central Park
The Gallops
Leopardstown Valley
Ballyogan Wood
Wyattville Link Road
Bride’s Glen

The Green Line (Irish: Líne Uaine) is one of the two lines of Dublin's Luas light rail system. The Green Line was formerly entirely in the south side of Dublin city. It mostly follows the route of the old Harcourt Street railway line, which was reserved for possible re-use when it closed in 1958. The Green Line allows for passenger transfers at O’ Connell GPO and Marlborough to Luas Red Line services.

The Green Line from St Stephen's Green to Sandyford launched on 30 June 2004. An extension to Cherrywood (Brides Glen Station) was opened on 16 October 2010.

As of 2018, the Green line is operating at near maximum capacity during the morning and evening rush hours, and it experiences mass overcrowding and congestion at these times. To assist in alleviating this congestion, seven new longer trams entered service in 2018. Platforms between St Stephen's Green and Sandyford have been lengthened to accommodate the new trams. The existing fleet of trams on the line will be lengthened over the coming year also.[1]

In 2027, Luas services on the Charlemont-Sandyford section will be replaced by Metro services under the Metrolink proposal.[2]

Differences from Old Harcourt Street Line[edit]

Between Harcourt Street and Charlemont, the Green Line takes a large loop east around buildings which did not exist between 1859 and 1959. As such, there is no train bridge on Adelaide Road for the current line, as there had been for the Harcourt Street Line.

The line then follows the old alignment of the Harcourt Street line from Charlemont station as far as the current Sandyford stop (known as "Stillorgan" on the Harcourt Street line). After Sandyford the line detours over the Leopardstown Road/Brewery Road junction so as to run west around the Leopardstown Racecourse before rejoining the original alignment just north of Carrickmines.[3] The Harcourt Street line had run around the eastern edge of the racecourse, via Silverpark. Remnants of the old Foxrock Station are visible at the back of The Hedgerows in Foxrock.

After this detour around Leopardstown Racecourse, the current line runs roughly along the original alignment with some minor detours, particularly prevalent at Laughanstown.

There are some other cosmetic differences between the Harcourt Street Line and the current Green Line, such as the positioning of the Ranelagh stop. The location of Ranelagh on the former line was at the current Beechwood stop. The old Ranelagh stop was the last stop on the old line before the train reached the city.


Image Name
Name in Irish
Zone Location Transport
Droichead Broome
Green 1 Broombridge railway station
53°22′22″N 6°17′56″W / 53.372684°N 6.298975°W / 53.372684; -6.298975
Iarnród Éireann Broombridge Tolka Valley Park
National Botanic Gardens
Glasnevin Cemetery
Green 1 Mount Bernard Park
53°21′51″N 6°16′54″W / 53.364200°N 6.281745°W / 53.364200; -6.281745
Baile Phib
Green 1 Phibsborough
53°21′37″N 6°16′48″W / 53.360235°N 6.279945°W / 53.360235; -6.279945
Dalymount Park
Gráinseach Ghormáin
Green 1 Grangegorman
53°21′28″N 6°16′39″W / 53.357700°N 6.277520°W / 53.357700; -6.277520
Iarnród Éireann Drumcondra (walk 1.6 km / 1 mile) Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Broadstone, DIT
An Chloch Leathan ITBhÁC
Green 1 / Central Western Way
53°21′16″N 6°16′23″W / 53.354517°N 6.272976°W / 53.354517; -6.272976
Iarnród Éireann Drumcondra (walk 1.6 km / 1 mile) King's Inns
Central Dominick Street Lower
53°21′05″N 6°15′56″W / 53.351386°N 6.265649°W / 53.351386; -6.265649
Cineworld Dublin
DIT Bolton Street
Rotunda Hospital
Parnell Central Parnell Street East
53°21′11″N 6°15′38″W / 53.352993°N 6.260424°W / 53.352993; -6.260424 (Southbound only)
Gate Theatre
James Joyce Centre
Hugh Lane Gallery
Dublin Writers Museum
Mountjoy Square
Luas station Dublin (Marlborough).jpg Marlborough
Central Marlborough Street South
53°20′59″N 6°15′29″W / 53.349843°N 6.258149°W / 53.349843; -6.258149 (Southbound only)
Luas Luas Red Line Abbey Street (walk 100 m / 110 yds) Department of Education and Skills
St Mary's Pro-Cathedral
Luas Trinity stop (Dublin, Ireland).jpg Trinity
An Trionóid
Central College Street
53°20′44″N 6°15′29″E / 53.345455°N 6.258085°E / 53.345455; 6.258085 (Southbound only)
College Green, Dame Street
Trinity College
Parliament House
Olympia Theatre
O'Connell, Upper
Ó Conaill, Uachtarach
Central O'Connell Street North
53°21′06″N 6°15′40″W / 53.351572°N 6.261067°W / 53.351572; -6.261067 (Northbound only)
Many bus routes on O'Connell Street O'Connell Street
Savoy Cinema
O'Connell GPO Luas stop, Dublin.jpg O'Connell, GPO
Ó Conaill, AOP
Central O'Connell Street South
53°20′59″N 6°15′37″W / 53.349625°N 6.260295°W / 53.349625; -6.260295 (Northbound only)
Luas Luas Red Line Abbey Street (walk 140 m / 150 yds)
Many bus routes on O'Connell Street
O'Connell Street, Henry Street
The Spire
General Post Office
Westmoreland Central Westmoreland Street
53°20′46″N 6°15′33″E / 53.346070°N 6.259072°E / 53.346070; 6.259072 (Northbound only)
Iarnród Éireann Tara Street (walk 450 m / ¼ mile) The National Wax Museum Plus
Dawson Luas station (Dublin, Ireland).jpg Dawson
Central Dawson Street
53°20′29″N 6°15′29″W / 53.341516°N 6.258192°W / 53.341516; -6.258192
Iarnród Éireann Dublin Pearse (walk 1 km / ⅔ mile) Dawson Street, Grafton Street
St. Ann's Church, Dawson Street
Kerlin Gallery
Mansion House
LUAS AT STEPHENS GREEN (1459647785).jpg St. Stephen's Green
Faiche Stiabhna
Central St. Stephen's Green West
53°20′21″N 6°15′41″W / 53.339179°N 6.261350°W / 53.339179; -6.261350
Iarnród Éireann Tara Street (walk 1.3 km / ¾ mile)
Iarnród Éireann Dublin Pearse (walk 1.6 km / 1 mile)
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes
Bicycle facilities dublinbikes
St. Stephen's Green, Grafton Street, Kildare Street
Trinity College, Dublin
Leinster House
National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology
National Library of Ireland
Gaiety Theatre
Bank of Ireland, College Green
Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
Dublin Castle and Chester Beatty Library
The LUAS on Harcourt Street (2855290221).jpg Harcourt
Sráid Fhearchair
Central Harcourt Street
53°20′01″N 6°15′46″W / 53.333644°N 6.262734°W / 53.333644; -6.262734
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes
Bicycle facilities dublinbikes
National Concert Hall
Iveagh Gardens
Synge Street CBS
CHARLEMONT LUAS STOP (179850156).jpg Charlemont Central / Green 2 Grand Parade
53°19′50″N 6°15′31″W / 53.330610°N 6.258630°W / 53.330610; -6.258630
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes
Bicycle facilities dublinbikes
Cathal Brugha Barracks
Grand Canal
Ranelagh Luas station.jpg Ranelagh
Green 2 Ranelagh
53°19′34″N 6°15′22″W / 53.326127°N 6.256212°W / 53.326127; -6.256212
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Ranelagh, Rathgar
Leinster Cricket Club
Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club
LUAS STOP AT BEECHWOOD (179850505).jpg Beechwood
Coill na Feá
Green 2 Dunville Avenue / Beechwood Road
53°19′15″N 6°15′17″W / 53.320924°N 6.254658°W / 53.320924; -6.254658
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Rathmines
Sandford Park School
Luas Tram - - 209618.jpg Cowper Green 2 Cowper Road
53°19′15″N 6°15′17″W / 53.320924°N 6.254658°W / 53.320924; -6.254658
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Gonzaga College
Patrick Doyle Road, Milltown, Dublin - - 1631555.jpg Milltown
Baile an Mhuilinn
Green 2 Richmond Avenue South
53°18′35″N 6°15′07″W / 53.309654°N 6.251807°W / 53.309654; -6.251807
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Milltown Golf Club
Alexandra College
Trinity Hall
Windy Arbour Luas Station - - 209580.jpg Windy Arbour
Na Glasáin
Green 2 Churchtown Road Lower / St. Columbanus' Road
53°18′06″N 6°15′02″W / 53.301759°N 6.250675°W / 53.301759; -6.250675
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Windy Arbour, Churchtown, Clonskeagh
University College Dublin (Belfield campus; walk 1.7 km / 1 mile)
Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland
De La Salle College Churchtown
Central Mental Hospital
LUAS STOP AT DUNDRUM (179850874).jpg Dundrum
Dún Droma
Green 2/3 Dundrum / Taney Road
53°17′33″N 6°14′42″W / 53.292424°N 6.245123°W / 53.292424; -6.245123
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Dundrum
Dundrum Town Centre
LUAS (179851223).jpg Balally
Baile Amhlaoibh
Green 3 Drummartin
53°17′10″N 6°14′12″W / 53.286030°N 6.236712°W / 53.286030; -6.236712
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes
Luas Park + Ride
Dundrum Town Centre
Wesley College
Mount Anville Secondary School
Kilmacud Luas Station - - 209550.jpg Kilmacud
Cill Mochuda
Green 3 Benildus Avenue/Drummartin Link Road
53°16′59″N 6°13′27″W / 53.282948°N 6.224090°W / 53.282948; -6.224090
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Kilmacud
St Benildus College
Stillorgan LUAS Stop.JPG Stillorgan
Stigh Lorgan
Green 3 Blackthorn Avenue
53°16′40″N 6°12′17″W / 53.277643°N 6.204595°W / 53.277643; -6.204595
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes
Luas Park + Ride
Beacon Hospital
SandyfordLUAS 4082.JPG Sandyford
Áth an Ghainimh
Green 3/4 Blackthorn Avenue
53°16′39″N 6°12′17″W / 53.277618°N 6.204634°W / 53.277618; -6.204634
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes
Luas Park + Ride
Central Park Luas Stop.jpg Central Park
An Pháirc Láir
Green 4 Sandyford Industrial Estate
53°16′12″N 6°12′14″W / 53.270099°N 6.203786°W / 53.270099; -6.203786
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Leopardstown Park Hospital
Leopardstown Racecourse
Kilmacud Crokes GAA
The New Luas Extension - Glencairn Stop (5094500370).jpg Glencairn
Gleann an Chairn
Green 4 Murphystown Road
53°15′59″N 6°12′36″W / 53.266281°N 6.209923°W / 53.266281; -6.209923
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Glencairn House
The Gallops
An Eachrais
Green 4 Murphystown Way
53°15′40″N 6°12′21″W / 53.261157°N 6.205870°W / 53.261157; -6.205870
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Stepaside
The New Luas Extension - Leopardstown Valley (5094519646).jpg Leopardstown Valley
Gleann Baile na Lobhair
Green 4 Mayor Street Upper
53°15′30″N 6°11′54″W / 53.258316°N 6.198373°W / 53.258316; -6.198373
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Leopardstown shopping centre
Ballyogan Wood
Coill Bhaile Uí Ógáin
Green 4 Ballyogan Vale
53°15′18″N 6°11′04″W / 53.255078°N 6.184431°W / 53.255078; -6.184431
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Ballyogan
The Park Carrickmines
Stepaside Golf Course
Carraig Mhaighin
Green 5 Glenamuck Road North
53°15′16″N 6°10′18″W / 53.254350°N 6.171621°W / 53.254350; -6.171621
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes
Luas Park + Ride
Carrickmines, Cabinteely, Foxrock
Carrickmines Golf Club
Baile an Locháin
Green 5 Laughanstown (Lehaunstown)
53°15′02″N 6°09′18″W / 53.250636°N 6.154953°W / 53.250636; -6.154953
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes
The New Luas Extension - Cherrywood Stop (5093931547).jpg Cherrywood
Coill na Sílíní
Green 5 Cherrywood Park / Valley Drive
53°14′43″N 6°08′45″W / 53.245382°N 6.145839°W / 53.245382; -6.145839
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes Cherrywood, Cherrywood Business Park
The New Luas Extension - Brides Glen Terminus (5094539530).jpg Brides Glen
Gleann Bhríde
Green 5 Cherrywood
53°14′31″N 6°08′34″W / 53.241870°N 6.142782°W / 53.241870; -6.142782
Bus interchange Dublin Bus routes St. Columcille's Hospital

Luas Cross City[edit]

Dominick station construction site on Luas Cross City line, taken in Dominick Street Lower

Luas Cross City (Irish: Luas Traschathrach), formerly called Luas BXD, is an extension to the Green Line which runs from St. Stephen's Green to Broombridge railway station.[4]

Construction of Luas Cross City began in June 2013 and it opened on 9 December 2017.[5][6] The Rosie Hackett Bridge carrying the new line over the river Liffey was opened on 20 May 2014.

The new section begins at the former city centre terminus, St. Stephen's Green, crosses the Red Line near the Abbey stop, and continues northwards, terminating at Broombridge station. There it connects passengers using Iarnród Éireann commuter services to Maynooth railway station and M3 Parkway railway station.

The Nine Arches Bridge on the Green Line at Milltown


Part of the Luas Green Line is set to be replaced by the Dublin Metro, known as Metrolink, in 2027. Metro trains will replace Luas trams between Charlemont and Sandyford. Extensive upgrade works are required for this to happen. Platforms at all stations need to be lengthened, power upgrades need to take place, and a number of road crossings along the line need to be closed.[7]

At Charlemont, Metrolink will enter a tunnel, and continue under Dublin City Centre to Dublin Airport and the Northside of Dublin. Unlike Luas, it will not run on the street.[8]

Once Metrolink opens, the Luas Green Line will be split into two sections. One section will operate from Bride's Glen to Sandyford. The other section will operate from Charlemont to Broombridge. The section of the line from Charlemont to Sandyford will be exclusively used by metro trains.[9]

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