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Green Man Gaming
Green Man Gaming logo.svg
Type of site
Available inEnglish
Founded2009; 13 years ago (2009)
Key peoplePaul Sulyok (CEO and founder)
Launched10 May 2010; 12 years ago (2010-05-10)
Current statusActive

Green Man is a British-based online video game retailer, distributor and publisher.[1]

Green Man Gaming has gained 4.7 million users since its original release.[2]


In 2009, Paul Sulyok formed Green Man Gaming with Lee Packham. Sulyok had previously been the CEO of Prize Fight, an online gaming platform, and Packham had been responsible for developing the technology behind Prize Fight. Green Man Gaming officially started trading on the 10th of May 2010.[3]

Packham developed and managed the initial launch of the retail platform, and created a new method for facilitating a Video Game Exchange for Green Man Gaming. Users who downloaded games from its "Capsule" gaming client with SecuROM DRM could then trade some of their digital games for credits, which could be used to purchase anything on the Green Man Gaming website.[4] This worked by deactivating the code required to play the game, which was then re-sold as a 'pre-owned' game.[5] Capsule was retired in 2016.[6]

At the end of 2011, Callum Jay joined Green Man Gaming as the CFO, coming from a background in finance direction at Miniweb Interactive, Morgan Stanley Capital International and at Tomb Raider's publisher, Eidos.[7][8] Tim Sawyer also joined Green Man Gaming as their EVP Operations in 2011, previously serving as the head of e-commerce at MeMega Retail Ltd.[9] After a year-long sabbatical at Twitter to develop TweetDeck's iOS, Lee Packham returned to Green Man Gaming as co-founder and EVP Engineering.[7]

On 9 July 2012, Green Man Gaming announced its merger with Playfire.[10] At the time of acquisition, Playfire had more than 1.2 million users, tracking over 50,000 video games on the website and allowing users to automatically track their gameplay and in-game achievements or trophies from Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live.[11] At the end of July 2012, Green Man Gaming expanded its multi-platform portfolio to include selling boxed games, and PC-DVD, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 games, as well as consoles and peripherals.[12]

In March 2014, CEO Paul Sulyok was named as one of the 100 most influential people working in the British video game industry by trade publication, MCV.[13]

On 30 September 2014, Green Man Gaming launched its own publishing arm, Green Man Loaded, now known as Green Man Gaming Publishing.[14] Gary Rowe, former SVP Publishing and Content at SEGA joined the label as EVP Green Man Loaded.[15][16]

In October 2016, the company reached an agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment to sell digital titles for PlayStation 4 consoles through redemption keys.[17] However, by March 2019, Sony had opted to stop retail and digital sales of redemption keys across all markets, including Green Man Gaming.[18]

In March 2017, Green Man Gaming launched its first local language eCommerce website in Germany.[19] Following this expansion, Green Man Gaming rolled out sites in 10 different languages including Chinese and South Korean.[20]

In April 2017, Green Man Gaming appointed former Take-Two CEO,[21] Paul Eibeler, to its Board as an Advisor.

In 2019, Green Man Gaming became one of the founding members of the UN-facilitated initiative Playing for the Planet Alliance, committing to absorb 324,000 tonnes of CO2 by 2030.[22]

Green Man Gaming announced an extension of its current publishing program in January 2020 through its Digital Partners Program, allowing any developer to take advantage of a menu of publishing support options through the company, as well as metrics that the company has obtained through its storefront. One of the first titles published through the program was GTFO.[23]

In February 2021, Green Man Gaming partnered with Payload Studios to support studio founders from underrepresented backgrounds through The Tentacle Zone Inclusivity Incubator.[24]

Published games[edit]

Year Title Developer Genre(s) Platform
2015 Black & White Bushido Good Catch Games Action / Multiplayer Microsoft Windows / OS X
Quell Fallen Tree Games Puzzle Microsoft Windows
Quell Memento
Quell Reflect
Idol Hands Pocket Games Strategy Microsoft Windows / OS X / Linux
Keebles Burnt Fuse Action / Physics Microsoft Windows / OS X
Switch Galaxy Ultra Atomicom Limited Racing Microsoft Windows / OS X / linux
Eternal Step Once More With Gusto Action / Adventure Microsoft Windows / OS X / Linux
2016 Square's Route Black Death Apps Limited Puzzle Microsoft Windows / OS X
Glitchrunners Torque Studios Action / Multiplayer Microsoft Windows / OS X
The Black Death Syrin Studios Survival Microsoft Windows
2017 Aporia: Beyond The Valley Investigate North Adventure / Puzzle Microsoft Windows
Peregrin Domino Digital Limited Adventure / Puzzle Microsoft Windows / OS X
War Tech fighters Drakkar Dev Action / Mech Microsoft Windows
2018 Stable Orbit Codalyn Simulation Microsoft Windows / OS X / Linux
Stormworks: Build And Rescue Sunfire Software Sandbox / Building Microsoft Windows / OS X
2019 ShockRods Stainless Games Action / Multiplayer Microsoft Windows
2019 Pride Run IV Productions Rhythm action Microsoft Windows / OS X
2019 Skybolt Zack DEVS MUST DIE Rhythm action / Platformer Microsoft Windows / Nintendo Switch
2020 Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command Binary Planets Strategy Microsoft Windows
2020 Lovingly Evil Lizard Hazard Games Dating Sim Microsoft Windows / OS X / Linux
2020 Re:Turn - One Way Trip Red Ego Games Adventure / Puzzle Microsoft Windows / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 /

Xbox One

2020 Dustoff Z Invictus Games Ltd. Action Microsoft Windows
2020 Ponpu Purple Tree Studio Action Microsoft Windows
2021 Sea of Craft Wizard Games Adventure / construction Microsoft Windows
2022 The Galactic Junkers Evil Twin Artworks Action-adventure Microsoft Windows / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 /

Xbox One


In 2015, Green Man Gaming responded to accusations of unauthorized keys being sold on the Store. The majority of keys come directly from publishers, with the occasional need to offer keys for games from publishers that are unable to provide them directly due to commercial restrictions.[25]

Following this, in November 2015, the company placed information on each game's store page on their site to identify the source of the redemption keys, either through Green Man Gaming, which comes directly from the publisher, or through an authorized third-party reseller for full transparency.[26]


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