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Green Meadows Conference

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Green Meadows Conference
ClassificationOHSAA Division(s) III-IV
Sports fielded
  • 9
Region Ohio

The Green Meadows Conference is an OHSAA athletic league located in northwest Ohio. The eight member schools are all located in one of three counties: Defiance County, Paulding County, or Williams County.



The Green Meadows Conference was formed as an athletic conference in 1962. The charter members of the conference were Ayersville, Fairview, Hicksville, Paulding, and Jewell (now Tinora).

In 1966, Blue Creek, from Paulding County and now a part of the Wayne Trace School District, joined the conference. Then in 1967, Oakwood joined.

The conference stayed intact until 1972, when district consolidations in Paulding County caused some changes in the make-up of some member schools. Blue Creek became a part of the new Wayne Trace School District, along with Grover Hill and Payne. Oakwood became a part of the Paulding Exempted School System. Antwerp and Holgate also joined the league making the number of members eight: Antwerp, Ayersville, Hicksville, Holgate, Fairview, Paulding, Tinora, and Wayne Trace.

In 1974, Paulding left the GMC to join the Northwest Conference. They were replaced by Edgerton. Membership remained the same until the 2019-20 school year.

In February 2020, it was announced that Holgate would join the Buckeye Border Conference as a member for every sport except football, which will participate in the Northern 8 Football Conference.[2] Holgate announced in late 2019 that they would move to 8-man football due to low numbers, which caused the remaining schools in the Green Meadows Conference to vote them out of the GMC over scheduling concerns. The Tigers joined the BBC in the fall of 2021.

With Holgate's departure, the GMC decided to extend an invitation to former member Paulding in February 2020, which was accepted shortly afterwards.[3] Paulding, which had been a member of the Northwest Conference ever since leaving the GMC in 1974, rejoined during the 2021-2022 school year.[4]


The member schools of the Green Meadows Conference.
School Nickname Location Colors
Antwerp Archers Antwerp Royal Blue, White
Ayersville Pilots Highland Twp. Columbia Blue, Gold
Edgerton Bulldogs Edgerton Maroon, Gold
Fairview Apaches Sherwood Black, Gold
Hicksville Aces Hicksville Red, White
Paulding Panthers Paulding Maroon, White
Tinora Rams Defiance Green, White
Wayne Trace Raiders Haviland Red, Blue

Former members[edit]

School Nickname Location Colors Membership Tenure
Holgate Tigers Holgate Purple, Gold

Membership timeline[edit]

Conference rivalries[edit]

  • Tinora vs Fairview[5][6]
  • Ayersville vs Tinora[5]
  • Antwerp vs Wayne Trace[6]
  • Holgate vs Ayersville
  • Hicksville vs Edgerton
  • Hicksville vs. Fairview
  • Hicksville vs. Tinora
  • Wayne Trace vs. Tinora
  • Antwerp vs. Hicksville

State championships[edit]

Fall sports[edit]

Boys Cross Country[7] Girls Cross Country Football Golf Volleyball[7]
Antwerp 1992
Ayersville 1975
Wayne Trace

Winter sports[edit]

Boys Basketball[8][9] Girls Basketball[7] Wrestling[7][10]
Ayersville 1957, 1961
Edgerton 1959
Fairview 1946 1989
Wayne Trace 1991

Spring sports[edit]

Baseball[11] Softball Boys Track & Field Girls Track & Field[7]
Antwerp 2019
Ayersville 1997 1996
Fairview 2021
Hicksville 1978
Paulding 1960
Tinora 2014
Wayne Trace

Notable athletes[edit]

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