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Green Mountain Energy Company
IndustryRenewable energy
ProductsRetail and commercial electricity, carbon offsets, and sustainable energy solutions
ParentNRG Energy

Green Mountain Energy Company is a United States company that offers electricity products, carbon offsets, and "sustainable solutions" to residential and commercial customers.[2]


Green Mountain Energy began in Vermont in August 1997 as an offshoot of Green Mountain Power to take advantage of electricity deregulation around the country.[3] The company moved its headquarters to its current location in Austin, Texas, in September 2000. Green Mountain began serving the Texas competitive market in January 2002 and was the first retailer to offer alternative energy in the state.[4] In August 2009, Green Mountain Energy expanded to the New York City market, serving residential and commercial electricity customers in the Con Edison service territory.[5]

In November 2010, Green Mountain Energy was acquired by NRG Energy for $350 million.[3] Green Mountain Energy once operated as a standalone subsidiary of NRG, but now operates as one of NRG's many brands. With the acquisition of Green Mountain Energy’s renewable offerings, NRG became one of the largest retailers of green power in the nation. NRG derives 93% of its energy from burning fossil fuels.[6]

Green Mountain Energy made national headlines in January 2011 by signing a two-year agreement to provide 100% renewable energy to the Empire State Building, making this the largest commercial green power purchase in New York City at that time.[7] The following year, in February 2012, the company partnered with the National Football League (NFL) to power Super Bowl XLVI with 15 million kWh of renewable energy.[8] In June 2012, Green Mountain Energy expanded to Pennsylvania, serving residential and commercial electricity customers in the PECO and PPL service territories.[9] As of July 2013, Green Mountain Energy Company serves customers in all seven Pennsylvania service territories.

The company teamed up with Nissan in early 2018.[10] With Nissan, Green Mountain Energy gave customers rebates of $3,000 off the purchase of an electric vehicle. Along with the federal government's $7,500 tax credit, a typical car would cost $10,500 less than the negotiated price.[11] Additionally, the company provides customers who purchase an electric vehicle a free charger for their home.[11]

Residential services[edit]

Green Mountain Energy directly serves residential electricity customers who live in a deregulated utility service territory.[9][12] These territories include Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Green Mountain Energy also partners with utilities in regulated markets in the U.S., such as Portland General Electric (PGE) in Oregon, to offer renewable energy products to their customers. Additionally, Green Mountain Energy participates in multi-supplier utility partnering programs in New York and New Jersey.


Green Mountain Energy’s flagship residential electricity product is "Pollution Free electricity", made from 100% renewable sources. Another product, "Pollution Free Gold", offers 95% PA-sourced wind and 5% PA-sourced solar energy to residential customers in Pennsylvania. This product also includes a monthly donation to the Sun Club, a Green Mountain program which donates solar energy to non-profit organizations. Green Mountain Energy also offers renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon offset products to individuals nationwide. In May 2009, the company launched the "Renewable Rewards" Buy-Back program, which credits customers with renewable generation facilities on their homes for excess energy their facility sends back to the electric grid.[13] In April 2011, the company also launched a solar leasing program for residential solar panels.[14]

In April 2011, Green Mountain Energy announced "Pollution Free EV", a 100% wind electricity product exclusively for electric vehicle owners. This product can be used in conjunction with NRG Energy’s eVgo program for unlimited EV charging.[15] In June 2013, Green Mountain launched a new product called "Pollution Free Efficient", which is the first and only 100% pollution-free energy product to be paired with the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Commercial services[edit]

Green Mountain has a commercial and industrial division that offers cleaner energy products to business customers in Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania.[9] The commercial division began in 2004 and offers business customers the opportunity to reduce their CO2 emissions footprint by purchasing renewable energy or carbon offsets. Green Mountain Energy Solutions is a new division launched in 2011, which offers "sustainable business solutions"[clarification needed] to companies nationwide.[16]


Green Mountain Energy offers commercial and industrial customers renewable energy products, including renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets,[17] and sustainable business solutions through the Green Mountain Energy Solutions group.

Renewable facilities[edit]

Green Mountain Energy’s customer demand has helped spur the development of over 50 wind and solar facilities around the U.S., including more than 35 solar facility donations funded by Green Mountain Energy Sun Club members (previously Big Texas Sun Club).[18] Green Mountain Energy also purchases 100% of the renewable generation from the Green Mountain Energy Winds Farms—Langford and Elbow Creek to supply their consumers and businesses. Jointly, these two West Texas wind farms can produce up to 270 megawatts (MW) of clean power.[19][20]

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