Green Party of Canada candidates in the 1984 Canadian federal election

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The Green Party of Canada fielded sixty candidates in the 1984 Canadian federal election, none of whom were elected. This was the first election that the Green Party contested. Some of the party's candidates have their own biography pages; information about others may be found here.

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Laurier: Robert Silverman[edit]

Robert Silverman is a veteran political activist in Montreal. Sometimes known as "Bicycle Bob," he has taken part in several campaigns supporting bicycle use over automobiles.[1] He was a Green Party candidate in 1984 and ran for Montréal Écologique in the 1990 municipal election; in the latter campaign, he led a march to city hall supporting more bicycle lanes and better public transit.[2] Silverman is also a member of Independent Jewish Voices (Canada) and has campaigned in support of Palestinian rights.[3]

Electoral record
Election Division Party Votes % Place Winner
1984 federal Laurier Green 751 2.79 6/9 David Berger, Liberal[4]
1990 municipal Montreal City Council, Laurier ward Ecology Montreal 380 9.15 4/6 Robert Perreault, Montreal Citizens' Movement[5]


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  2. ^ During the march, he described the car as "one of the major contributors to world pollution" and expressways as "overrated specimen of so-called progress." See Andre Picard, "Auto pollution, carnage focus of funereal protest," Globe and Mail, 3 November 1990, A6.
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