Green Party of Canada candidates in the 1997 Canadian federal election

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The Green Party of Canada fielded seventy-nine candidates in the 1997 federal election, none of whom were elected. Information about some of these candidates may be found on this page.


Scarborough Southwest: David James Cooper[edit]

Cooper was a journalist at the time of the election. According to the Toronto Star newspaper, he ran for the Green Party due to a belief that supporting Canada's more established parties would simply encourage "apathy, cynicism, mediocrity and corruption". His campaign called for "environmentally sound programs, local democracy, sustainable development and long-term planning" (Toronto Star, 30 May 1997).

Electoral record
Election Division Party Votes % Place Winner
1995 provincial York South Green 219 0.86 5/9 Bob Rae, New Democratic Party
1997 federal Scarborough Southwest Green 482 1.25 5/5 Tom Wappel, Liberal


Calgary Southwest: Sol Candel[edit]

Sol Candel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto, and a Master's degree from the London School of Economics.[1] He is a longtime resident of Calgary, Alberta, where he owns the Movie Poster Shop, a business that collects and displays vintage movie posters.[2] He has been a member of the Green Party for several years,[3] and is the party's financial agent for the electoral division of Calgary Centre-North as of 2009. He is also a director of the Earth System Science/Gaia Theory Society of Alberta, and a partner in Seven Generations Development Inc.[4]

Electoral record
Election Division Party Votes % Place Winner
provincial by-election, July 21, 1992 Calgary-Buffalo Green 201 5/5 Gary Dickson, Liberal
1993 provincial Calgary-Glenmore Green 147 5/6 Dianne Mirosh, Progressive Conservative
1993 federal Calgary Southwest Green 301 0.44 6/9 Preston Manning, Reform
1997 federal Calgary Southwest Green 310 5/7 Preston Manning, Reform


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