Green Party of Iran

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Green Party of Iran
LeaderKazem Moussavi[1]
Founded1999; 20 years ago (1999)[2]
IdeologyGreen politics
Liberal democracy[3]
International affiliationNone

The Green Party of Iran (GPI; Persian: حزب سبزهای ایران‎, romanizedHezb-e-sabz Hayeh Iran) is a Green political party dissident to Iran's Islamic Republic government.[4]

A Banned party without any physical presence in Iran, it has a radical stance towards Iranian Department of Environment and considers it a "façade of environmental concern for the benefit of international observers", arguing that it "covers up environmental disasters of the state".[2] It is an exception to the Iranian environmentalist movement, in which most of organizations and NGOs are tolerated, and sometimes encouraged by the government.[2]

The party was founded in California, U.S. as a "professional Iranian expatriate opposition"[5] and was reportedly based in Canada as of 1999.[6] As of 2014, it is based in Germany.[7]


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