Green Party of Pennsylvania

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Green Party of Pennsylvania
Chairman Kristin Combs
Secretary Sheri Miller
Treasurer Tim Runkle
Headquarters Philadelphia, PA
Membership 17,762
Ideology Green Politics
National affiliation Green Party
Colors      Green
Seats in the US Senate
0 / 2
Seats in the US House
0 / 18
Seats in the State Senate
0 / 50
Seats in the State House
0 / 203

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is the state party organization for Pennsylvania of the Green Party of the United States. The party is calling for changes to the way voters vote after a recount the Greens requested was rejected.[1]

The Green Party of Pennsylvania isn't qualified to have primary elections and instead, nominates by caucus.[2]

Dr Jill Stein was the party's candidate for President in 2016.[3]

In 2014, the party nominated Paul Glover for Governor of Pennsylvania.[4]

On February 6, 2016 it was reported that some members of the party anticipated that Jill Stein, who had been the Greens' nominee for the 2012 presidential election, would become their candidate for the 2016 election as well.[5] That interpretation turned out to be correct. Also in 2016, the party achieve 3% of the vote in two statewide offices, elevating them to minor party.[6][7]

2012 Vice Presidential candidate Cheri Honkala is running for Pennsylvania State Representative in District 197 in Philadelphia in 2017.[8][9]


According to state voter registration statistics, in November 2006 there were 17,762 green party members in the state.[10]


Presidential nominee results[edit]

Since 1996, the national Green Party has run a candidate for President of the United States. In 2000, the Green Party of Pennsylvania placed Ralph Nader, the nominee of the Green Party of the United States, on the statewide presidential ballot. The highest vote total came in 2000, when Ralph Nader received over 103,000 votes. The lowest vote total came in 2008, when Cynthia McKinney was the nominee. Her campaign received only 71 votes. Nader, who was also on the ballot as an independent candidate, received more than 42,000 votes.

Year Nominee Votes
2000 Ralph Nader 103,392 (2.10%)
2004 David Cobb 6,319 (0.10%)
2008 Cynthia McKinney 71 (<0.01%)
2012 Jill Stein 21,341 (0.37%)
2016 Jill Stein 49,941 (0.81%)

Current elected office-holders[edit]

As of 2016, there are 8 Green Party members who currently hold elected office in Pennsylvania.[11]

  • Tausif Khan - Judge of Elections, Falls Township 1 – 5
  • Michael Bagdes-Canning - Cherry Valley Borough Council
  • Neil B. Haagen, III - Snowshoe Borough Council
  • Douglas Mason - Inspector of Elections, 29th Precinct, State College
  • Eric Hamell - Inspector of Elections, Ward 59, Division 21
  • Jay Sweeney - Auditor, Falls Township
  • Stephen Weisser - Inspector of Elections, York City
  • James Sawoy[a] - York City School Board
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