Green Party of Vancouver

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Green Party of Vancouver
Active municipal party
Leader Adriane Carr (de facto)
President Jacqueline Miller
Ideology Green politics
Political position Centre-Left
Colours Green
Seats on council
1 / 11

The Green Party of Vancouver is a municipal political party in Vancouver, Canada that had nominated Green Party of Canada deputy leader Adrianne Carr as their sole nominee for Vancouver City Council during the 2011 Vancouver municipal election.[1] Carr subsequently won the seat on 19 November.[2][3]

2014 Vancouver municipal Elections

nominees for City Council: the Green Party of Vancouver has announced the following nominees for the 2014 Vancouver Municipal Elections to be held on November 15, 2014[4]

nominees for Parks Board:

  • Stuart Mackinnon
  • Michael Wiebe[6]

nominees for School Board:

  • Mischa Oak
  • Janet Fraser[7]

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