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Coordinates: 41°00′41″N 72°08′59″W / 41.011463°N 72.14968°W / 41.011463; -72.14968

Jackson Pollock has a large headstone, while his wife Lee Krasner has the smaller stone at Green River Cemetery

Green River Cemetery is a cemetery in the hamlet of Springs, New York within the Town of East Hampton.

The cemetery was originally intended for the blue collar local families (called Bonackers) of the Springs neighborhood who supported the ocean mansions in East Hampton (village), New York. Families with long histories in the region are interred there, including the Millers, Kings, Bennetts, and Talmages.

However, after Jackson Pollock was buried on a hill there in 1956, it became famous as the artists' and writers' cemetery. Headstones have become works of art.

Despite its name, there are no rivers near the cemetery.

Notable burials[edit]


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