Green Route

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Green Route
The trekker's paradise
Train enroute green route.JPG
Bridge on which the train runs amidst thick green blanket
Country India
State Karnataka

Latitude: +75, 47.0

Longitude: +12,58.0

Int Ingress: 11:4:35

Int Egress: 16:32:52

Green Route is a well known segment along the Bangalore and Mangalore railway line in India, within the pristine part of Western Ghat mountain ranges often called the trekker's paradise.

This is the segment on the railway track from Sakaleshpura (altitude 906 m MSL) to the Kukke Subramanya (altitude 120 m MSL) Road station. This is a unique beautiful spot in the whole railway track because of the dense green forest in which it is situated. This stretch of the track with length about 52 km has around 57 tunnels and 109 bridges with length varying from few metres to 0.75 km and height varying from few metres to 200 meters. The tunnels are absolute terrestrial abyss.

This is one of the most picturesque spot (route) in the Western Ghats of the South Kannada and Hassan districts of Karnataka.


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