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Green Spot is a non-carbonated non-caffeinated orange-based soft drink that is sold in Venezuela, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

Developed in 1934 in the United States after the introduction of Orangeade, the brand established operations in Thailand in 1954. While the brand is no longer popular in the United States, the current brand is now focused on the Asian market.

Formerly only available in bottles, Green Spot is now also sold in a 325 ml can with carbonation (fizz).

Green Spot was once popular in Hong Kong, but it has since ceased to sell their bottle drinks and Tetra Pak boxes are sold in small quantities. The soft drink was for sale in The Netherlands as well. In 1962 the Dutch artist Wim T. Schippers emptied a bottle in the sea near Petten. He managed to make it an international news item.

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