Green Swamp (North Carolina)

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Green Swamp Preserve
Location Brunswick and Columbus counties, North Carolina
Coordinates 34°05′36″N 78°17′57″W / 34.09321°N 78.29925°W / 34.09321; -78.29925Coordinates: 34°05′36″N 78°17′57″W / 34.09321°N 78.29925°W / 34.09321; -78.29925
Area 17,424 acres (7,051 ha)
Established 1977
Governing body Nature Conservancy
Designated 1974

The Green Swamp is a swamp that lies in Brunswick and Columbus counties in North Carolina. The 15,907-acre swamp was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1974.[1] The carnivorous plant known as the Venus Flytrap is found within this swamp, and it is important for other unique and endangered species. North Carolina laws prohibit the removal of these plants from their habitat. The wetlands support a rich ecology and are important as habitat along the Atlantic Flyway of migrating birds and other species.

The Nature Conservancy manages 17,424 acres (7,051 ha) of the swamp as the Green Swamp Preserve.[2]

Green Swamp, North Carolina is the current tribal homeland of the state-recognized Waccamaw Siouan tribe of Native Americans; one of eight in the state.[3]


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