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College Boat Clubs of the University of Oxford
Green Templeton Boat Club
Longbridges boathouse - - 1253283.jpg
Longbridges Boathouse and the club blade colours
GTBC Blade colours
Established 2008
Location Longbridges Boathouse, Isis (51°44′19.3″N 1°14′47.0″W / 51.738694°N 1.246389°W / 51.738694; -1.246389)
Sister college St Edmund's College
Members 100 (approx.)
Green Templeton College Boat Club
GTBC Crest.jpg

Green Templeton Boat Club (commonly abbreviated to GTBC ) is a rowing club for members of Green Templeton College, Oxford. It is based in the Longbridges boathouse on the Isis, which is co-owned by the college and shared with Hertford, St Hilda's, St Catz and Mansfield.[1] The club was established in 2008, after Green and Templeton colleges merged to form Green Templeton College, Oxford.


Green Templeton Boat Club was established in 2008 after Green and Templeton Colleges merged. Before this, Templeton College had a close affiliation with Hertford College Boat Club, while Green College was associated with Osler House.

The new club received a club room and racking space at Longbridges boathouse, which had previously been co-owned by Templeton College. Osler/Green's equipment and facilities went to Osler House, who have kept their positions in the men's and women's bumps-charts and continue to operate as an independent boat club.

Since 2008, GTBC has grown rapidly. Its membership currently encompasses around a fifth of the 500 students at GTC.


The College part-owns Longbridges Boathouse on the River Thames (locally referred to as The Isis). Longbridges provides a number of important services to GTBC members and supporters. It affords a great view of regattas and events held on the Isis, and GTBC crews regularly train in its state-of-the-art erg room, furnished with 12 brand new erg machines. Longbridges also houses a well-equipped clubroom, which is often used for training meets and other practical considerations, but also for GTBC's many exciting social events.


GTBC currently owns a sizable fleet - four Eights, two Fours, Double and Single Sculls - which are kept in the large and small boats bays at Longbridges.

Green Templeton Rowing Society[edit]

The mission of The Society is to support the sport and fellowship of rowing at Green Templeton College, and to foster a well-financed, aptly equipped, and competitive boat club. Its primary purpose is to provide a focal point for all those who have rowed in, coxed, or coached crews for Green Templeton Boat Club, Osler-Green Boat Club or Templeton College Boat Club and all those who take an interest in rowing at The College. Secondarily, The Society lends support to current student athletes through advice, social events, and development.

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