Green for Danger (film)

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Green for Danger
Green For Danger.JPG
Green for Danger film poster
Directed by Sidney Gilliat
Produced by Frank Launder
Sidney Gilliat
Written by Christianna Brand (novel)
Sidney Gilliat
Claud Gurney
Starring Alastair Sim
Leo Genn
Sally Gray
Trevor Howard
Music by William Alwyn
Cinematography Wilkie Cooper
Edited by Thelma Myers
Individual Pictures
Distributed by General Film Distributors
Release date
  • 7 December 1946 (1946-12-07) (UK)
  • August 1947 (1947-08) (U.S.)
Running time
91 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Green for Danger is a 1946 British thriller film, based on the 1944 detective novel of the same name by Christianna Brand. The film was directed by Sidney Gilliat and stars Alastair Sim, Trevor Howard, Sally Gray and Rosamund John. The film was shot at Pinewood Studios in England. The title is a reference to the colour-coding used on anaesthetists' gas cannisters.


In August 1944, during the V-1 Doodlebug offensive on London, a murder is committed in Heron's Park Emergency Hospital, a rural British hospital somewhere in the Southeast of England. Joseph Higgins (Marriott) dies on the operating table after being injured by a flying bomb. The anaesthetist, Barney Barnes (Howard), has had a patient die in similar circumstances previously.

Inspector Cockrill (Sim) is asked to investigate when Sister Bates (Campbell) is killed after revealing that the death of Higgins was not an accident. Cockrill states at one point: "My presence lay over the hospital like a pall – I found it all tremendously enjoyable." Cockrill's investigation is hampered by the conflict between Barnes and Eden (Genn) because of their competition over the affections of nurse Freddi (Gray). After another murder attempt is directed at Freddi, the inspector restages the operation in order to unmask the murderer.



According to trade papers, the film was a "notable box office attraction" at British cinemas in 1947.[1]


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