Greendale, New Zealand

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Greendale is located in New Zealand

Greendale is a lightly populated rural area,[1] part of the Selwyn District, Canterbury, a region of New Zealand's South Island.

One of the first farmers was Thomas William Adams, a pioneer of forestry and education in the area.[2] Another one of the first farmers was Charles Early who moved to Greendale(Water ford) in 1876. It is notable as the birthplace of former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Sidney Holland.

On 4 September 2010, Greendale became further notable as the location of the strongest earthquake ground-shaking ever recorded in New Zealand, registering an acceleration 1.25 times that of gravity.[3] This was later exceeded by the 2.2 g recordings during the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake at Heathcote Valley.


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Coordinates: 43°35′S 172°5′E / 43.583°S 172.083°E / -43.583; 172.083