Greenfield Township, Warren County, Iowa

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Coordinates: 41°27′34″N 93°37′10″W / 41.45944°N 93.61944°W / 41.45944; -93.61944

Greenfield Township is one of the sixteen townships of Warren County, Iowa, United States.[1][2] Its estimated population as of 2008 is 5,773 people, with a density of 138 people per square mile (53 people/km2).[3] Three cities have land in Greenfield (Norwalk, Spring Hill, and Des Moines—the state capital), as well as two unincorporated areas (Greenbush and Scotch Ridge).[2] The township has two cemeteries (Webb Cemetery and North Ridge).[4]


At an elevation of 896 feet (273 m),[2] Greenfield Township covers an area of 41.8 square miles (108.3 km2).[3] The North River, a tributary of the Des Moines River, passes through Greenfield Township.[5]


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