Greenland National Museum

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Greenland National Museum in Nuuk

The Greenland National Museum (Greenlandic: Nunatta katersugaasivia allagaateqarfialu) is located in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. It was one of the first museums established in Greenland, inaugurated in the mid-1960s.[1] The museum has many artefacts related to archaeology, history, art, and handicrafts and also has information about ruins, graveyards, buildings etc.[2] It is based in a warehouse which was built in 1936.[3]

Qilakitsoq mummies display[edit]

A major display in the museum contains the Qilakitsoq mummies. The mummies consist of three women and a six-month-old child, half of the mummies found at Qilakitsoq.

Other displays[edit]

The museum also houses a display on social change in the 1950s and one on geology. Several other nearby buildings also fall under the museums protection, such as the restocked cooper's workshop and a display on blubber vats and presses.


Coordinates: 64°10′38″N 51°44′46″W / 64.1772°N 51.7462°W / 64.1772; -51.7462