1982 Greenlandic European Communities membership referendum

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The Greenlandic European Communities membership referendum, 1982 was a referendum over whether Greenland should continue to be a member of the European Economic Community which took place on 23 February 1982.

Greenland joined the European Communities in 1973 when Denmark joined, even though a majority of 70% of the Greenlandic votes had been against membership in the Danish EC referendum held in 1972. In the spring of 1981, after the Greenlandic home-rule had been established in 1979 and the eurosceptic Siumut won the 1979 election, the Parliament of Greenland agreed to hold a referendum on their continued membership.[1] The result of the referendum was a majority in favour of leaving the EC, and this was enacted by the Greenland Treaty, which allowed the EC to keep its fishing rights.[2] Greenland continues to be considered an Overseas Countries and Territory of the EU, giving it a special relationship with the Union.


Choice Votes %
Referendum failed No 12,615 53.02
Yes 11,180 46.98
Total votes 23,795 100.00
Source: Petersen, Folketingets EU-Oplysning,
"Svar på spm. om Nicetraktaten, folkeafstemning, til udenrigsministeren", 27 July 2001

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