Greenough River Solar Farm

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Greenough River Solar Farm
LocationWalkaway, Western Australia
Coordinates28°54′14″S 115°06′19″E / 28.904°S 115.1054°E / -28.904; 115.1054Coordinates: 28°54′14″S 115°06′19″E / 28.904°S 115.1054°E / -28.904; 115.1054
Construction began2012
Commission dateAugust 2012
Owner(s)Bright Energy Investments
Solar field
TypeFlat-panel PV
Site area50 hectares (120 acres)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity10 MW

The Greenough River Solar Farm is a 10 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic power station located in Walkaway, Western Australia. When it opened in October, 2012, it was the country's first utility-scale solar farm. It remained Australia's largest solar PV system until 2014, when it was superseded by the 20 MW Royalla solar farm in Canberra. The Greenough River Solar Farm was built by Verve Energy and joint venture partners GE Financial Services. It uses over 150,000 thin film modules based on CdTe-PV technology provided by U.S. company First Solar. Its exact location is at Nangetty Walkaway Road, Walkaway, 50 kilometres southeast of Geraldton and covers an area of 80 hectares (200 acres).

The solar farm has been owned by Bright Energy investments since April 2018. It is currently undergoing and expansion to increase capacity by a further 30MW. The expansion project is expected to be complete by mid 2019.


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