Greenpeace USA

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Greenpeace USA
Greenpeace logo.svg
Founded 1975
Type Non-governmental organization
Focus Environmentalism, peace, clean energy
Area served
United States of America
Method campaigning, lobbying, research, direct action
Key people
Phil Radford (Executive Director)


Greenpeace USA is a national environmental and peace organization in the United States and is a member of the global environmental organization Greenpeace.


Greenpeace was first founded in the United States in 1975, when Greenpeace San Francisco opened, followed by groups in Seattle, Portland, and Denver. In 1979, these offices merged into one entity to become “Greenpeace USA.”[2]


Project Hot Seat was a campaign started by Greenpeace. Its goal is to apply intense pressure on members of The United States Congress in order to implement policies that will curb and cut greenhouse gas emissions, and what Phil Radford, Greenpeace Executive Director said was the "kind of organizing that is going to be key to making the environmental movement into a viable political force in Congress and around the country."[3]

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