Greensboro Transit Authority

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Greensboro Transit Authority
Slogan The Way To Move
Headquarters 300 W Washington Street in Greensboro, North Carolina
Service area Guilford County, North Carolina
Service type Bus
Routes 16/1 Connector
Stops 1056
Fleet 42
Daily ridership 17,100
Fuel type Diesel
Website Greensboro TA

Greensboro Transit Authority is the operator of public transportation in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. It complements three other local and one regional bus service in the Piedmont Triad. Fifteen routes travel almost solely within the city limits.

In 1991, the Greensboro Transit Authority assumed operation of a private bus system run by Duke Energy (known at the time as Duke Power). The Greensboro Transit Authority consists of nine board members, each appointed for a two-year term by members of Greensboro City Council.

GTA collaborated with seven local colleges and universities in 2006 to create Higher Education Area Transit (HEAT), with nine routes serving the higher learning institutions and select destinations throughout the city.

GTA also operates Specialized Community Area Transportation (SCAT) a door-to-door and curb-to-curb transportation service for passengers with a disability that makes riding fixed routes difficult.

In early 2011, GTA added a number of diesel-electric hybrid buses to their fleet.

The fleet is made of Orion V's, 6 Gillig BRT, 5 new flyers, and Gillig advantages.

Route list[edit]

This list does not include the HEAT routes which are also operated by the Greensboro Transit Authority with GTA fares.

  • 1 West Wendover Avenue
  • 2 Four Seasons
  • 3 North Elm Street
  • 4 Benbow/Willow Road
  • 5 Gorrell Street
  • 6 Summit Avenue
  • 7 Friendly Avenue
  • 8 Battleground Avenue
  • 9 West Market Street
  • 10 East Market Street
  • 11 West Gate City Boulevard
  • 12 Randleman Road/Eugene St
  • 12A South Town Connector
  • 13 Martin Luther King Drive
  • 14 Bessemer Avenue/Phillips Avenue
  • 15 Yanceyville Street/Brightwood School Road
  • *16 Is reserved for PART (Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation) at the depot (not a route)
  • 17 Lawndale Drive (at peek hours only 6am- 8am, 4pm-6pm)

Sunday Routes

  • 21 Summit Avenue/North Elm Street
  • 22 East Market Street/Bessemer Avenue/Phillips Avenue
  • 23 Gorrell Street/Benbow Street/MLK Jr
  • 24 Randleman Road/South Elm-Eugene Street
  • 25 Four Seasons Town Centre/West Gate City Boulevard
  • 26 West Wendover Avenue/West Friendly Avenue
  • 27 Battleground Avenue/ Friendly Shopping Center