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TTC's Greenwood yard as seen from above the Greenwood Portal. Note the first car of a yard bound train at the portal platform (bottom of screen)
A work car parked inside the Greenwood Shop
TTC's Greenwood Shop located at the complex

The Greenwood Yard (also known as the Greenwood Complex) is a rail yard with support buildings that service subway vehicles on Line 2 Bloor–Danforth of the Toronto subway system. Spanning 31 acres (12 hectares), it is located at 400 Greenwood Avenue, on the west side of Greenwood south of Danforth Avenue. The yard opened in March 1965 as the Bloor–Danforth line was being built to relieve the Davisville Subway Yard which was at capacity. The site was previously a brickyard and later as Harper's Dump, Toronto's main landfill in the 1930s.

The Greenwood Yard is connected to the Bloor–Danforth line by a multi-level wye between Donlands and Greenwood stations; the wye allows both east and westbound mainline trains access to the yard. The arrangement allows for trains to be added into or taken out of service with minimum disruption to ongoing operations.

Greenwood is the only active subway yard on the Bloor–Danforth line, since Vincent Subway Yard has been disused for regular train storage for many years. Besides servicing subway cars and being the only TTC location that accepts the delivery of new subway cars by rail, the 190,000 square-foot (18,000 square-metre) facility (the Greenwood Shop) also services RT cars from Line 3 Scarborough when the work is more complex than what can be handled at the McCowan Yard.

Rolling stock[edit]

Greenwood Yard is home to approximately half the Commission's fleet of trains and work cars. The yard regularly houses the majority of the fleet of T1 subway cars and all Line 2 trains overnight.


  • marshalling yard
  • 328 car storage capacity
  • specialized shops for heavy overhauls of subway cars and components as well as stores. The shops are operationally separate from the carhouse servicing the Bloor–Danforth subway fleet.

Coordinates: 43°40′40″N 79°19′55″W / 43.67778°N 79.33194°W / 43.67778; -79.33194


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