Greg B. Abbott

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Greg B. Abbott
Born (1950-05-02)May 2, 1950
Ithaca, NY
Nationality United States
Occupation Entrepreneur, investor, writer
Known for International Dispensing Corporation (Chairman & CEO),
Earthlink (Member of the Board),
Ithaca Industries (Former chairman & CEO)

Greg B. Abbott "Greg Abbott" (born May 2, 1950) is a prominent American businessman, investor, entrepreneur and novelist. Greg Abbott lives in New York City with his wife Marcia and their three children.


After graduating from Princeton University in 1972 with a B.A. in history, Greg Abbott joined the family business, Ithaca Industries, Inc., a private label manufacturer of pantyhose, men's and women's underwear and T-shirts. In 1979, at age 29, Greg Abbott was named chairman and CEO and over the next seven years the company's customer base grew to over 400 (including Wal-Mart, Sears, Nike, Target, Mervyns, Evan Picone) and Ithaca Industries became the nation's largest private label manufacturer. After negotiating a leveraged buyout of the company with Merrill Lynch Greg Abbott departed to become a private investor and writer.


In 1995, Greg Abbott was brought in by Kevin M. O'Donnell as the first major investor in EarthLink ISP. Greg Abbott also played a primary role in securing financing to carry the company's IPO in 1998, when it had previously fallen through.

Sheer Pressure[edit]

Sheer Pressure is a novel written by Greg Abbott. The story follows Alex Halaby and Emily Lukes, two thirty-year-olds encumbered by money and family, as they struggle through a social and business mine field to become fully realized adults. Sheer Pressure was published by iUniverse, Inc. on July 26, 2006.

International Dispensing Corporation[edit]

Greg Abbott is chairman and CEO of International Dispensing Corporation (IDC), a company he acquired in 1996. IDC's patented, FDA-certified technology―The Answer™―enables consumers to dispense shelf-stable milk and juice for months, in varied environments, without recourse to refrigeration or preservatives.

Board memberships and other affiliations[edit]

  • International Dispensing Corporation (as chairman & CEO, 1996–2013)
  • Earthlink – Member of the Board
  • Ithaca Industries – (as chairman & CEO, 1979)
  • Wavetech – Member of the Board
  • Abbott Productions – President



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