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Greg Benson
Benson at VidCon 2012
Birth nameGregory Charles Benson
Born (1968-01-23) January 23, 1968 (age 51)
Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Years activeOctober 2006-present
Paige Davis (m. 19942001)

Kim Evey
Notable works and rolesGorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, The Guild

Gregory Charles Benson (born January 23, 1968)[1] is an American comedian, actor and director. His production company, Mediocre Films, creates comedic short films, generally for YouTube. He is a frequent director for The Guild.[2][3]


Born in Dallas, Texas in 1968,[1] Benson graduated from W. T. White High School in 1986. Eventually he moved to California, where he has since appeared in several television commercials. Benson is a sometime member of the ACME Comedy Theatre improv troupe in Hollywood, where he first worked with writer/actor Wil Wheaton, who has since appeared in a variety of Benson's projects.[4]

He started making videos in 2005, initially hosting them on his own Mediocre Films website.[5] Eventually he moved his distribution from his own site to YouTube, where within one month, "Greg Hits Hollywood", one of his shorts, was featured on the site's home page.[6] The video and its sequels feature Benson interviewing strangers as a pretext for hitting them with his microphone to see "what people will put up with just because they want to be on TV, or even just YouTube."[5] Since then, he has become a popular YouTube comedian, number 47 on the list of most subscribed comedians on YouTube. His most popular video as of early 2009[6] was episode 1 of the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, which was selected to be featured on YouTube shortly after being posted February 25, 2007, and subsequently drew nearly 2 million viewers. The series later was picked up by Sony Pictures,[4][6] who continued the show through two seasons on YouTube as part of its "C Spot" lineup; one reviewer for The Times of London described it as "Pee-Wee Herman meets Monty Python via the hyperkinetic madness of Japanese television."[7]

Benson's most prominent directing credit is his work on the Internet series The Guild, on which he worked again with his wife, Kim Evey, producer of The Guild, as well as creator and performer of the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show.[8] He also as portraying one of the passengers on the short Docudrama "The flight that fought back". He and his wife, Kim, recently adopted a baby boy named Charlie in January 2016.


His first video, "Coming Home", was chosen by customers as one of the top five videos of the Amazon/Tribeca Film Festival's short films division.[9] His short "Phone Call to God" was chosen for second place in the best comedy division at the 2006 Evil City Film Fest.[10]

Retarded Policeman[edit]

Retarded Policeman is an American YouTube comedy web series written, directed, and edited by Benson, and based on an idea by his wife, producer and performer, Kim Evey. Scott Perry, Luke "The Ponceman" Perry's brother, has worked on the series.

The videos are uploaded on YouTube under the channel MediocreFilms.

Retarded Policeman
GenreWeb comedy
Created byKim Evey
Written byGreg Benson
Kim Evey
Directed byGreg Benson
StarringJosh 'The Ponceman' Perry
Country of originUSA
Original language(s)English
No. of series2
No. of episodes36
Editor(s)Greg Benson
Running time1-3 minutes
Original networkYouTube
Original release19 September 2007 (2007-09-19) –
7 June 2012 (2012-06-07)
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The fictional series follows learning impaired Officer Ponce (Josh "The Ponceman" Perry) as he pulls over members of the public.

Theme song[edit]

The following is the lyrics to the 8 second long theme song played at the start of the video. Episode 15 had a rock remix of the theme song performed by Dave Days.

He is a cop,

And he's learning impaired,

He's the retarded policeman! (that's me!)

Episode list[edit]

# Episode no. Episode name Guest starring Air date
1 Hi Scott Perry and Stacey Perry 19 September 2007
2 Officer Monkey Kim Evey 27 September 2007
3 Coked Up Greg Benson 4 October 2007
4 Racial Profiling Cozmo Johnson 20 November 2007
5 Writers Strike Wil Wheaton 22 January 2008
6 Sobriety Test David Hussey 4 February 2008
7 MILF Cory Williams and Jody Hoells 20 March 2008
7.5 Fish (April Fools) Felicia Day 31 March 2008
8 Tazer Mark McCracken and Laura House 1 April 2008
9 Boobies! Heather Provost, Valerie Querns, Alan Heitz and Scott Perry 23 April 2008
10 Mexicans Connie Perry and Al Perry 10 June 2008
11 GILF Peggy Grigsby 25 June 2008
12 Casual Friday Shelby Malone 2 July 2008
13 Mime Doug Jones 10 July 2008
14 Bribes Phil DeFranco 25 July 2008
15 Assburgers Syndrome Charles Trippy and Dave Days 8 August 2008
16 Stalker Michael Buckley 15 August 2008
17 Nalts Kevin Nalty 29 August 2008


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