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Prof. Greg Dawes at his office, North Carolina State University, January 29, 2013

Gregory (Greg) Dawes (born 1957) is a distinguished professor of Latin American Studies at North Carolina State University. He has written on Latin American studies and literary theory and is the editor of A Contracorriente, an online academic journal dedicated to approaching social history and Latin American literature from a left-wing perspective, and managing editor of Editorial A Contracorriente, the Journal's publishing spin-off.[1][2]

Personal information and education[edit]

Dawes received his B.A. and M.A. in Spanish from the University of Northern Iowa. He received his Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literature with a concentration in Latin American Literature from the University of Washington.

Political beliefs[edit]

Dawes is a democratic socialist. His classes are on twentieth-century Latin American literature and culture and literary theory. He teaches courses on the culture of Chile during the Popular Unity government in Chile, the 60s in Latin America, the Latin American avant-garde, and on Latin American poetry. He has published articles and books on Latin American poetry, particularly on Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, Vicente Huidobro, César Vallejo, Ernesto Cardenal, Mario Benedetti, among others.


Selected books[edit]

His publications include:


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