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Greg Jein is a Chinese American[1] model designer who creates miniatures for use in the special effects portions of many films and television series. He has been doing so since the 1970s. Jein has twice been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for his work on the films Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and 1941 (1979).[2]


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  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy Models magazine (UK) ran a two-part article called "So, you want to build effects miniatures?!" in issues 29 (pages 51–55) and 30 (pages 36–42), both dating from 1998. The article was by David Merriman; who was working as a subcontractor for Greg Jein. The first part includes pictures and text regarding work on a large Star Trek: The Next Generation filming model of the Enterprise-D. The second part includes pictures and text about a smaller model of the same craft; plus work on a model of the Enterprise-C and a Klingon spacecraft. Merriman also discusses unique models he built for use on episodes of Doctor Madblood.
  • Cinefex magazine, issue 2, dated August 1980, included a 26-page article by Brad Munson, entitled "Greg Jein: Miniature Giant". Jein's work on various projects—from his earliest student work to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and slightly beyond—is discussed in detail.
  • Fantastic Films magazine, volume 1 number 4, dated October 1978, included a cover article (9 pages) by James Delson, entitled "An interview with Greg Jein: maker of the mothership from Close Encounters and other interstellar craft from Flesh Gordon, Dark Star, Laserblast, The UFO Incident and more...".

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