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Greg Jein is a model designer who creates miniatures for use in the special effects portions of many films and TV shows. He has been doing so since the 1970s.


  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy Models magazine (UK) ran a two-part article called "So, you want to build effects miniatures?!" in issues 29 (pages 51-55) and 30 (pages 36-42), both dating from 1998. The article was by David Merriman; who was working as a subcontractor for Greg Jein. The first part includes pictures and text regarding work on a large Star Trek: The Next Generation filming model of the Enterprise-D. The second part includes pictures and text about a smaller model of the same craft; plus work on a model of the Enterprise-C and a Klingon spacecraft. Merriman also discusses unique models he built for use on episodes of Doctor Madblood.
  • Cinefex magazine, issue 2, dated August 1980, included a 26-page article by Brad Munson, entitled "Greg Jein: Miniature Giant". Jein's work on various projects -- from his earliest student work to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and slightly beyond -- is discussed in detail.
  • Fantastic Films magazine, volume 1 number 4, dated October 1978, included a cover article (9 pages) by James Delson, entitled "An interview with Greg Jein: maker of the mothership from Close Encounters and other interstellar craft from Flesh Gordon, Dark Star, Laserblast, The UFO Incident and more...".

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