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Greg Knauss
Greg Knauss at MaxFunCon 2010
Greg Knauss at MaxFunCon 2010
BornGreg Knauss
OccupationWriter, humorist, programmer

Greg Knauss is an American Internet humorist and computer programmer. He was born in Torrance, California. In college at the University of California, San Diego, he was the editor of Muir College Erratically, a small humor publication, as well as a frequent contributor to the UCSD Guardian student newspaper.

Some of his Erratically work was later reprinted online in the early Internet-based magazine InterText, edited by fellow UCSD alumnus Jason Snell.[1] Snell also published Knauss's early blog-like e-mail missives on the Internet in a collection known as An Entirely Other Day. In 1996 Knauss and Snell helped found, a site powered by software written by Knauss himself.[2]

Knauss was also an original contributor to[3] and creator of WinerLog. Knauss is also the author of "Rainy Day Fun and Games for Toddler and Total Bastard" (So New Media) and pioneered the weblog book tour to promote it.[4][5] He also created Metababy, an early wiki-like community.[6] Knauss is an occasional panelist on The Incomparable podcast.[7]

In 2014, Knauss released Romantimatic,[8] an iOS app that reminds users to send messages to their significant others. The app's release was controversial, receiving coverage and criticism from The Atlantic,[9] Mashable,[10] and The New York Times.[11]

Knauss lives with his wife and three children in Woodland Hills, California.


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