Greg Marsden

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Greg Marsden
Sport(s) Women's gymnastics
Current position
Title Head coach
Team University of Utah
Conference Pac-12
Biographical details
Born Hartford, California, United States
Coaching career (HC unless noted)
1976 - 2015 Utah
Head coaching record
Overall 1048-208-8[1]
Accomplishments and honors
1981 AIAW Women's Gymnastics championship
1982 NCAA Women's Gymnastics champions
1983 NCAA Women's Gymnastics champions
1984 NCAA Women's Gymnastics champions
1985 NCAA Women's Gymnastics champions
1986 NCAA Women's Gymnastics champions
1990 NCAA Women's Gymnastics champions
1992 NCAA Women's Gymnastics champions
1994 NCAA Women's Gymnastics champions
1995 NCAA Women's Gymnastics champions
National Coach of the Year (7-time)

Greg Marsden (November 8, 1950) was the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Coach at the University of Utah. He led the Utah Red Rocks to 10 national titles and was named National Coach of the Year 7 times. He also served as the U.S.A. National Women's Team coach in 1987.


Greg was born on November 8, 1950 in Hanford, California.[1] He received his bachelor's degree in Physical Education from Central Arkansas in 1972 and his Masters from Arkansas State in 1973.[1]

Coaching career[edit]

His record is 1048-208-8. He has coached his team to 10 Championships overall (9 NCAA Championships) and 18 Top-2 national finishes, and is a 7-time National Coach of the Year.

He served as U.S.A. National Women's Team coach in 1987.


On April 20, 2015, Marsden announced his retirement from the Utah Red Rocks team after 40 years serving as head coach. His wife, Megan, and assistant coach, Tom Farden, will succeed him.[2]

Personal life[edit]

He is married to one of his former athletes, Megan Marsden, formerly Megan McCunniff, a three-time NCAA all-champion, and as of July 2009 the co-head coach of the Red Rocks.[3] In addition to being Greg's wife, she has been an assistant coach since 1985.[4]

Together Greg and his wife Megan have two sons: Montana and Dakota.[1]

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