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Greg McAdoo
Occupation Venture capitalist

Greg McAdoo is a venture capitalist at Sequoia Capital in Silicon Valley.[1] Greg specializes in internet services, mobile, energy and technology investments. Greg at some time was on the boards of Airbnb, Bump Technologies, Cue, Clustrix, Imageshack, MeLLmo and Songkick.[1] Greg also led Sequoia's investment in Y Combinator and previously sat on the boards of Isilon Systems, Loopt, RockYou, Achates Power and PowerFile.[2][3]

Prior to joining Sequoia Capital in 2000, McAdoo was the president and CEO of Sentient Networks (CSCO).[1]

Outside of entrepreneurial endeavors and investing, he was on the board of directors of the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution.[4]


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