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Gregory John Secker
Greg Secker CEO.jpg
Born (1975-02-18) 18 February 1975 (age 44)
ResidenceLondon, England
EducationUniversity of Nottingham
OccupationForex trader
Years active2003 – present
Known forCEO of Learn To Trade and The Greg Secker Foundation.

Gregory John Secker (born 18 February 1975) is an English forex trader and instructor.[1] He has written several books including Financial Freedom Through Forex and Trading Your Way to Success, as well as contributing to The Book Of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success.[2][3] He is also known for founding companies including Learn To Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital and SmartCharts Software. In 2010, Secker founded the non-profit organization, The Greg Secker Foundation.[4]

Early life and education[edit]

Secker was born in Norfolk in England.[5] In 1997, Secker attended the University of Nottingham and studied Agricultural and Food Sciences.[6]


During the mid-1990s, Secker was a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he developed foreign exchange trading systems. He received the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce in 1998 after creating the Virtual Trading Desk, an online forex trading platform.[7] At the age of 25, Secker became Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation, and learned from financial traders.[8] He retired from the company in 2003 to become a full-time forex trader, by setting up a trading floor in his living room. Secker started to mentor people on trading strategies in his home and founded the Knowledge to Action Group.[7]

In 2010, Secker founded the non-profit organization, The Greg Secker Foundation, to "positively improve the quality of life of people around the world." The organization also partners with youth programs to improve education, leadership and life skills in communities.[9] Following Typhoon Yolanda, Secker visited the Philippines and started the "Build a House, Build a Home" project to build 100 permanent homes in Lemery.[10] In March 2017, he was announced a member of the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy.[5] Secker was included on the list of the "200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs" for 2017.[11]


Knowledge to Action has been the subject of some controversy over investigations into its operating procedures and claims made within its marketing materials.[12][13][14]

In early 2015, Greg Secker was charged with drunk and dangerous driving after being caught by police in the process of performing a sex act at the wheel of his car.[15]


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