Greg Shahade

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Gregory Shahade
CountryUnited States
Born (1978-12-22) December 22, 1978 (age 40)
TitleInternational Master
FIDE rating2476 (April 2019)
Peak rating2476 (March 2013, September 2018)

Gregory Shahade (born December 22, 1978) is an International Master of chess.[1] He founded the New York Masters and the U.S. Chess League. He is a former member of the Executive Board of the United States Chess Federation, to which his younger sister Jennifer Shahade was hired as the executive editor-in-chief of the website. Greg had a distinguished scholastic career, highlighted by three national championships: tying for first in the 1993 National Junior High School Championship and the 1996 National High School Championship, and winning the 1996 United States Junior Open outright.[2] He was the leading scorer for Julia R. Masterman School in 1996, when they won their first of four National High School Chess Championships. He won the prestigious Samford Fellowship, awarded by the U.S. Chess Trust to the top U.S. prospect under the age of 25, in 1999. The fellowship granted Shahade approximately $25,000 to train for and play in top tournaments.[3] He was also renewed for it in 2000 and subsequently scored his first (and so far only) Grandmaster norm at the Bermuda Closed in January, 2001.[4] Since 2006, he has held 30 sessions of the US Chess School,[5] where the nation's top young chess talents are invited to train under the instruction of various Grandmasters. More recently, he is the founder and Commissioner of the U.S. Chess League.[6]

His father is FIDE Master Michael Shahade and his mother was Drexel University chemistry professor and author Sally Solomon. His sister is Woman Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade.

Recently, starting in October 2007, Shahade has been making chess videos at

He has been a professional poker player in the past.[7]


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