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Greg Stolze (born 1970) is an American novelist and writer, whose work has mainly focused on properties derived from role-playing games.


Stolze met John Tynes while they were working on Wildest Dreams (1993), a supplement for Over the Edge.[1]:255 Stolze and Tynes co-designed the roleplaying game Unknown Armies; Stolze helped write the mechanics for the game which Tynes had been developing for a few years.[1]:255 Although Atlas Games expressed interest in Unknown Armies, Tynes decided to go with Archon Games, but Tynes and Stolze learned that founder Lisa Manns was shutting down Archon and she returned the rights to them; they sought a new publisher, and Atlas Games ultimately published the game in January 1999.[1]:255 Stolze created the traditional strategy board game Elemental from Kenzer & Company.[2] Stolze then became the line editor for the role-playing game Feng Shui.[1]:257

Stolze and Dennis Detwiller prepared their game Godlike for publication by Pagan Publishing, but as Pagan was winding down, Detwiller took it to his friends Hsin Chen and Aron Anderson, who created the company Hawthorn Hobgoblynn Press (later known as EOS Press) in 2001 to publish the game.[1]:249 Stolze was working on Vampire: The Requiem books at the time, and Godlike uses his One-Roll Engine (ORE) dice system; in 2003 he withdrew EOS's license to use ORE.[1]:249 Detwiller formed Arc Dream Publishing in 2002 to produce supplements for Godlike, and in 2003 Arc Dream acquired the licensing from Stolze to use ORE.[1]:250 Stolze created the self-published wargame Meatbot Massacre.[2] For Arc Dream, Stolze later wrote both Wild Talents supplements, such as Progenitor (2010) and also published a print copy of Reign Enchiridion (2010), a stripped-down version of his ORE RPG.[1]:250 Stolze has produced small, independent role-playing games such as Executive Decision and Spaaace!.[2]

Stolze has contributed to numerous role-playing game books for White Wolf Game Studio[3] and Atlas Games,[4] including Demon: the Fallen. Some of Stolze's recent work has been self-published using the "ransom method", whereby the game is only released when enough potential buyers have contributed enough money to reach a threshold set by the author.[5]

Together with John Tynes he created and wrote the role-playing game Unknown Armies, published by Atlas Games. He has also co-written the free game NEMESIS, which uses the One-Roll Engine presented in Godlike and the Madness Meter derived from Unknown Armies.[6]

Author credits[edit]


  • Ashes and Angel Wings (2003)
  • The Seven Deadlies (2003)
  • The Wreckage of Paradise (2003)
  • A Hunger Like Fire (2004)
  • The Marriage of Virtue and Viciousness (2005)
  • Godwalker (2005)
  • Switchflipped (2011)
  • Mask of the Other (2011)

Role-playing games[edit]


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