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Gregg Wattenberg

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Gregg Wattenberg is an American Grammy Award nominated songwriter,[1] music producer, and musician residing in New York City, New York.[2][3]



Gregg Wattenberg has co-written and/or co-produced eight No. 1 hit songs that reached the top of Billboard Hot AC, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Radio, and/or Rock charts.

Wattenberg co-wrote and co-produced John Legend's "Conversations in the Dark" which was RIAA certified Gold [4] and the 1st lead single from the Bigger Love album, which won the Grammy Award for Best R&B album in 2021.[5]

Wattenberg co-wrote and produced The Unlikely Candidates' No. 1 hit single "Novocaine" which reached the top spot on the Billboard Alternative Radio chart in 2020.[6]

Wattenberg co-wrote and produced Phillip Phillips' No. 1 hit and RIAA Certified Platinum single "Gone, Gone, Gone" on the Platinum album The World from the Side of the Moon.[7][8]

Wattenberg co-produced Train's No. 1 hit [9] and RIAA Multi-Platinum single "Hey, Soul Sister" which was certified with a RIAA Diamond Award (10× Platinum) in 2021.[10] Only 57 songs have been awarded RIAA Diamond certification in music history as of July 15, 2021.[11]

Wattenberg also co-wrote and co-produced Train's No. 1 hit and RIAA Certified Platinum single "If It's Love".[12]

Wattenberg co-wrote the Daughtry No. 1 hit [13] and RIAA 2× Multi-Platinum single "It's Not Over" which was the lead single for the 6× Multi-Platinum album Daughtry.[14]

Gregg Wattenberg co-wrote O.A.R.'s No. 1 song [15] and RIAA Certified Platinum hit "Shattered (Turn the Car Around).” [16]

Wattenberg also co-wrote Goo Goo Dolls Top 10 Adult Contemporary Single "Let Love In" from the RIAA Certified Gold album Let Love In.[17]

Wattenberg produced Five for Fighting's No. 1 hit singles "Superman (It's Not Easy)" and "100 Years" and co-wrote and produced Top 5 AC single "Slice".

Production discography

Year Title Artist Label
2000 America Town Five For Fighting Columbia
2002 What If It All Means Something Chantal Kreviazuk Columbia
Opaline Dishwalla Immergent
2003 It's All in Your Head Eve 6 RCA
2004 The Battle for Everything Five For Fighting Columbia
2005 Never Gone Backstreet Boys Jive
Beautiful Disorder Breaking Point Wind-up
2007 Consequence The Crash Motive Wind-up
2008 David Cook David Cook RCA
2009 Slice Five For Fighting Wind-up
Wooden Bones Pilot Speed Wind-up
Time For Lions Stars of Track And Field Wind-up
Save Me San Francisco Train BME, Columbia
2010 Jason Castro Jason Castro Atlantic
Life Turns Electric Finger Eleven Wind-up
Alive Ed Kowalczyk Soul Whisper/RED
2011 This Loud Morning David Cook RCA
2012 The World from the Side of the Moon Phillip Phillips Interscope
Train California 37 Columbia
2013 Bookmarks Five For Fighting Wind-up
Magnetic Goo Goo Dolls Warner Bros. Records
2014 Rewind Rascal Flatts Big Machine/Republic
Behind the Light Phillip Phillips Interscope Records
2015 When the Morning Comes A Great Big World Epic Records
2016 Something Worth Saving Gavin DeGraw RCA
2017 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Zombies on Broadway Vanguard
Just the Beginning Grace Vanderwaal Syco/Columbia
2020 Bigger Love John Legend Columbia
2021 Something About Christmas Time Rob Thomas Atlantic
2022 Chaos in Bloom Goo Goo Dolls Warner Bros.
Legend John Legend John Legend/Republic
2023 We Happy Don't Worry American Authors French Poet Society
Where the Light Goes Matchbox Twenty Atlantic
Pour It Out Into the Night The Revivalists Concord

Songwriting written

Year Artist Album Song Co-written with
2002 Chantal Kreviazuk What If It All Means Something "Time" Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida
2006 Daughtry Daughtry "It's Not Over" Chris Daughtry, Ace Young, Mark Wilkerson
2008 David Cook David Cook "Declaration" David Cook, Johnny Rzeznik
O.A.R. All Sides "Shattered (Turn the Car Around)" Marc Roberge
2009 Five for Fighting Slice "Slice" John Ondrasik
"Chances" John Ondrasik
"Story of Your Life" John Ondrasik
Train Save Me, San Francisco "Parachute" Pat Monahan
"If It's Love" Pat Monahan
"You Already Know" Pat Monahan, Jimmy Stafford, Scott Underwood
2010 Jason Castro Jason Castro "This Heart of Mine" Jason Castro, Jason Rene, Marc Roberge, Shawn Maningly
Finger Eleven Life Turns Electric "Living in a Dream" Scott Anderson, Shawn Anderson, Rich Beddoe, James Black, Rick Jackett
Hawthorne Heights Skeletons "Bring You Back" Hawthorne Heights, James Thomas Woodruff
"Nervous Breakdown" Hawthorne Heights, James Thomas Woodruff
"Here I Am" Hawthorne Heights, James Thomas Woodruff
Ed Kowalczyk Alive "Grace" Ed Kowalczyk
"Stand" Ed Kowalczyk
The Maine Black & White "Give It to Me" The Maine
Thriving Ivory Through Yourself & Back Again "Love Alone" Scott Jason, Clayton Stroope
2011 David Cook This Loud Morning "Right Here, with You" David Cook, Johnny Rzeznik, Ryan Star
James Durbin Memories of a Beautiful Disaster "Screaming" James Durbin, David Cook, Ryan Star, Bobby Alt
O.A.R. King "Heaven" Marc Roberge, Ryan Baharloo, Derek Fuhrmann
"Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes" Marc Roberge, Derek Fuhrmann
"Back to One" Marc Roberge, Derek Fuhrmann, Matt Wallace
"World Like That" Marc Roberge, Derek Fuhrmann, Richard On, Mikel Paris
2012 Phillip Phillips The World from the Side of the Moon "Gone, Gone, Gone" Derek Fuhrmann, Todd Clark
"Get Up Get Down" Phillip Phillips, Derek Fuhrmann
Train California 37 "California 37" Pat Monahan, Diji Parq
"When the Fog Rolls In" Pat Monahan
2013 Five for Fighting Bookmarks "What If" John Ondrasik, Derek Fuhrmann, Jamie Kenney,
"Heaven Knows" John Ondrasik, Derek Fuhrmann, Jamie Kenney,
Goo Goo Dolls Magnetic "Rebel Beat" Johnny Rzeznik
"When the World Breaks Your Heart" Johnny Rzeznik, J. T. Harding
"Slow It Down" Johnny Rzeznik
"Come to Me" Johnny Rzeznik
2014 Phillip Phillips Behind the Light "Raging Fire" Phillip Phillips, Derek Fuhrmann, Todd Clark
"Fool for You" Phillip Phillips, Derek Fuhrmann
"Unpack Your Heart" Phillip Phillips, Derek Fuhrmann, Todd Clark
"Midnight Sun" Phillip Phillips, Derek Fuhrmann
Rascal Flatts Rewind "Powerful Stuff" Derek Fuhrmann, Brett James
2015 A Great Big World When the Morning Comes "Kaleidoscope" Antonina Armato, Derek Fuhrmann, Chad Vaccarino, Ian Axel, Tim James
"Come On" Derek Fuhrmann, Chad Vaccarino, Ian Axel
2016 Gavin DeGraw Something Worth Saving "She Sets the City on Fire" Gavin DeGraw, Todd Clark, Jason Saenz
Goo Goo Dolls Boxes "Flood" (feat. Sydney Sierota Johnny Rzeznik, Derek Fuhrmann
"Lucky One" Johnny Rzeznik, Derek Fuhrmann
"So Alive" Johnny Rzeznik, Derek Fuhrmann
"Long Way Home" Johnny Rzeznik, Jordan Miller
2017 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Zombies on Broadway "Fire Escape" Andrew McMahon, Daniel Omelio
"Shot Out of a Cannon" Andrew McMahon, Derek Fuhrmann
Grace VanderWaal Just the Beginning "So Much More Than This" Grace VanderWaal, Derek Fuhrmann
"Escape My Mind" Grace VanderWaal, Audubato
"City Song" Grace VanderWaal, Audubato
The Score[18] ATLAS "Unstoppable" Eddie Anthony, Edan Dover, Steve Miller
2020 John Legend Bigger Love "Conversations in the Dark" John Stephens, Jesse Fink, Kellen Pomeranz, Chance Peña
2021 Noah Kahan I Was/I Am "Bad Luck" Noah Kahan, Kellen Pomeranz
Rob Thomas Something About Christmas Time "Doesn't Feel Like Christmas (Samy's Song)" Rob Thomas
2022 Goo Goo Dolls Chaos in Bloom "Yeah, I Like You" Johnny Rzeznik
"War" Johnny Rzeznik, Alex Aldi
"Going Crazy" Johnny Rzeznik
2023 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Tilt at the Wind No More "Submarine" Andrew McMahon, Derek Fuhrmann
Matchbox Twenty Where the Light Goes "Wild Dogs (Running in a Slow Dream)" Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette
"One Hit Love" Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette
The Revivalists Pour It Out Into the Night "How We Move" Zack Feinberg, Sam Hollander, David Shaw


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