Gregor Mann

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Gregor von der Waldenau
Andreas Jancke as Gregor Mann
Verbotene Liebe character
Portrayed byAndreas Jancke
First appearanceEpisode 2396
16 February 2005
Last appearanceEpisode 3574
12 March 2010
Other namesPrince Gregor I.
OccupationFormer owner of the coffee lounge No Limits
Former owner of a helicopter service
Former pilot
Former call boy
ResidencePrincipality Waldensteyck

Gregor von der Waldenau (born as Mann) is a fictional character from the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love), portrayed by actor Andreas Jancke. He made his first appearance on screen on 16 February 2005[1] and left the show on 12 March 2010.[2]


Gregor's childhood was far from easy. His mother committed suicide when he was young and his father was a gambling addict who was frequently in trouble with the law. The only person he felt he could rely on was his brother, Christian, who later went to prison for a crime their father committed, devastating Gregor.


Charming and intelligent, Gregor can have any woman he wants. Gregor arrives in Düsseldorf to visit his old friend Nathalie Käppler (Jenny Winkler) and makes Lars Schneider (Herbert Ulrich) jealous over his relationship with Nathalie. Gregor was also best friends with Ansgar von Lahnstein (Wolfram Grandezka) when he was young. Ansgar finds in Gregor a confident, who he can tell all his worries.

Gregor wants to move into a little apartment, but the landlady Elisabeth Brandner (Martina Servatius) wants proof of his income. This is a problem Gregor since nobody knows that he works as a call-boy.

After realizing that she can't have the man she wants, Sarah Hofmann (Sina-Valeska Jung) begins to have strong feelings for Gregor. In the beginning, Gregor tries not to make a big deal out of his relationship with Sarah, but he eventually falls deeply in love with her. But Sarah still has to deal with her feelings for her half-brother Leonard von Lahnstein (Lars Korten). Leonard and Sarah know that they can never be together and he rushes into a relationship with Jana Brandner (Vanessa Jung). Sarah begins to concentrate on her relationship with Gregor, when his former fiancèe Max comes back to Düsseldorf. She begs for a second chance and Gregor begins to realize that he still has feelings for her. Sarah sees that and breaks up with him. But after a night with Max, Gregor knows whom he really loves: Sarah. Max leaves Düsseldorf again and Sarah gives Gregor a second chance.

But Sarah is still not over Leonard and can't hold her feelings any longer. Both drive to Paris to say a final goodbye to each other. In Düsseldorf, Adrian Degenhardt (Klaus Zmorek) receives a letter from the late Francesca, Leonard's mother. In this letter, Adrian reads that he is Leonard's biological father. That means that Sarah and Leonard are not related to each other after all. They come back from their Paris trip and want to start a new life with their partners. Gregor proposes to Sarah and she says "yes". But before they are married, Sarah wants to tell Gregor the truth about her trip with Leonard. Gregor forgives her and they get married. Soon afterwards, Jana and Leonard want to get married too. Adrian finally realizes that Leonard needs to know that he is his father, and comes to the wedding. He tells Johannes von Lahnstein (Thomas Gumpert) the truth and he is shocked. Now, Johannes wants to tell Leonard that Sarah and him aren't brother and sister, but he comes too late. Jana and Leonard are already married.

Leonard and Sarah eventually give in to their feelings one night and sleep together. Shortly after, Sarah finds out she is pregnant with Gregor's baby and both she and Leonard realize they can't walk away from their marriages.

Sadly, Sarah is seriously injured in a car accident with Jana and loses their baby. Jana has a pulmonary embolism and, right before she dies, she unites Leonard and Sarah. Gregor leaves Sarah after she tells him about her and Leonard's one-night stand.

Eventually, Gregor even forgives Sarah and the two remain close with each other.

Currently, Gregor is married to Luise von Waldensteyck (Mascha Müller) and they have two children, twins Christian and Katharina.